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How Your Home is Making You Sick

How Your Home is Making You Sick

We have been doing more home cleaning and disinfection than we used to, thanks to this pandemic, and probably more extensively than we used to. But why do some of us get sick, or even more sickly, by just staying at home? Aside from possible lack of Vitamin D because we hardly go out anymore to get some sunshine, our house can be one of the reasons why we get sick.

It can be a surprise to some of us and you may be saying “I’ve been living here just fine for several years already, it was just recently that I have been sick. I have been doing a lot of home cleaning, It can’t be my home”. Chances are, your doctor will lay out all the factors that could be causing your illness, the food you eat or the environment you should avoid, but never include the state of your home.

To fast track your grief from denial to acceptance that your home is possibly making you ill, we can check out the symptoms of your home that really make you sick.

Need something cleaned?

  • Poor ventilation
  • Spaces that you cannot or hardly ever clean
  • Old wooden structures
  • Outdated Foam (Beds and Sofa)
  • Wear and Tear (Natural and from Home Cleaning)
Home Cleaning

Poor Ventilation

Can you still smell your lunch earlier? Are you addicted to using Air Freshener? Does any scent (good or bad) linger in your room for hours? Chances are, you have poor ventilation at home. Simply put, you breathe the same air the whole day and they are not replaced by fresh ones from either outside or from a purified source.

Having no windows or vents does not mean bad air cannot go in, it just means the dirt you bring in or the toxic chemicals you produce does not have a way of going out. One of the most common air pollutants we create is smoke from cooking and incomplete combustion of Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG).

How do they harm you?

Poor ventilation keeps bacteria, fungi and viruses within our spaces longer than they should. They should be just “passing through” but since there are no exits, they tend to stay and do their thing – multiply and infect. At the same time, the buildup of Carbon Dioxide from your respiration, metabolic by products of bacteria and fungi, and cooking within your space becomes poisonous to you.

How to fix this?

We have access to online shopping and appliance stores where we can buy air purifiers. Investing in a good one that can filter out particles, smoke and chemicals can greatly help in the ventilation of your place. Growing a couple of indoor plants, just a few not too much, can help in filtering gases within your home.

We make a huge portion of the pollution we get in our home. Our home can make us sick, but partly, we make ourselves sick by not being aware of the toxic substances we make.

Air Purifier Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Air Purifier sold in Lazada

Spaces You Hardly Clean

We love to see our home neat and clean, that’s a fact, so we cover anything unsightly that we cannot remove. This causes spaces to become difficult to reach, and ultimately, difficult to clean during home general cleaning. These spaces become breeding grounds for bacteria and fungi that can make you sick. Example of these spaces are:

  • Back of the refrigerator
  • Ceiling
  • Sink cabinets
  • Bottom of racks and shelves
  • Bottom of bed frames
  • Bottom of the dining table

Honestly, when was the last time you cleaned these spaces? How frequent do we clean these spaces? It’s probably rare that we turn our bed frames and dining tables upside down to clean the bottom. Occasionally we do clean the kitchen sink cabinet maybe.

How do they harm you?

Covered spaces accumulate dust faster than exposed surfaces. The dust in our homes contains an average of 9,000 different species of microbes, a study suggests. Dark and covered surfaces that are humid as well can be the perfect spot for fungi to live in. As soon as air circulates around these surfaces, they will carry those microorganisms elsewhere, including the air you breathe and on the food you eat.

How to fix this?

Clean these surfaces at least twice (2 times) within a month. Moving the furniture, appliance or cover from time to time and cleaning them helps curb the amount of dust and fungi growth. This also ensures that they are dry as well.

Kitchen Cleaning - Home Cleaning

The kitchen is filled with spaces that we hardly clean. This is the best place to clean first.

Old Wooden Structures

We have been using wood for home construction for thousands of years already. It is strong, you can create thousands of stuff out of it, and it is cheaper in weight compared to metal. We use it for our ceiling, walls and furniture. The drawback is that when not treated well, it can be a host to insects, bacteria and fungi. During home cleaning, some of the water we use get in between them and may cause water logging.

How do they harm you?

Untreated and poorly maintained wood can bring in insects like termites which breakdown the wood and cause respiratory problems. Apart from that, it can host common molds at home, especially when you live in a humid climate. These molds can cause a variety of illnesses including neurological problems and even pulmonary bleeding in young children, trigger eye and skin infections.

How to fix this?

Inspect all parts of your home made out of wood and check if they are waterlogged (like the ceiling of your bathroom). You easily spot affected wood when you see discolorations on it. Those marks are not from water but from the buildup of molds already. Have a professional carpenter replace those sections immediately. Ensure that your home is well ventilated to keep humidity at a minimum. Remove or limit indoor plants and fix leaks. There are other natural ways to dehumidify your home.

Floor Polishing - Home Cleaning

Wooden floors can be home to bacteria and fungi as well.

Outdated Foam in Beds and Sofa

Contrary to popular belief, bed mattresses and sofa cushions have an expiry date of five to ten years. They were not invented to outlive you, nor made more durable to withstand other activities other than sleeping or sitting on them.

How do they harm you?

Old mattresses and sofa do not offer the same comfort compared to when they were newly bought. Tell tale signs include body aches, a feeling of tiredness, restlessness in the night and sagging spots in the mattress. Old sofas and couches tend to bend your posture as well. These lead to poor sleep and bad posture which takes a toll on your health.

Apart from the discomfort, your mattress can be a haven for bacteria and fungi. Moisture can come from humidity and your own sweat, and with the absence of sunlight, it is the perfect breeding ground for them.

How to fix this?

After such time, you need to replace your bed mattresses or reupholster sofas and couches. For the first few years you can have your bed, sofa and chairs shampooed at least every three months. As a regular maintenance, having it aired out and under the sun twice a week would also be great.

Sofa Shampoo - Home Cleaning

An old sofa is not classic, it is toxic.

Wear and Tear from Natural Means and from Home Cleaning

The changing weather and season contributes to the wear and tear of your home and cleaning your home adds more to that. How? By scrubbing too much and using too much bleach. Your paint on the wall is not as thick as you think it is as well, so scrubbing it can expose the concrete which is porous.

How do they harm you?

Bleach will leave your bathroom tiles sparkling clean, but if mold is an issue bleach could actually make it worse. Bleach gets rid of mold in tile grout, but it’s very caustic and grout is permeable, so it actually eats away at grout over time and makes tiny holes for more mold to grow. Anything that has holes, whether small or large, can be a place of standing water (moisture) which makes it a good breeding ground of bacteria and molds.

How to fix this?

When cleaning, use strong multi-purpose cleaners instead of pure bleach. These are chemicals that contain a little bit of bleach and a little bit of other powerful stuff. Just make sure to soak your bathroom tiles for at least five minutes before brushing or rinsing it. Exposed concrete and hard to remove stains on walls can be fixed by professional wall repainting.

Wall Repainting - Home Cleaning

It is kind of scary thinking how your own home can make you sick. You haven’t even heard of a bread that made an entire island hallucinate. Yes, it was also caused by a mold that is still present up to this day. There are numerous factors that we can get sick, but there are numerous ways we can prevent them. Thankfully, the measures in preventing COVID-19 are already pretty basic when it comes to disease prevention. We just need to update other stuff at home to ensure we don’t get other diseases apart from the coronavirus.

Mopping - Home Cleaning

Do you want to learn more on how CMDA Cleaning Services can help you, your family, or your office fight against COVID-19?

Send us an email at inquiry@cmdacleaning.com, or call/text us on any number mentioned above.

Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!

Difference between General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

Difference between General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

The difference between general cleaning and deep cleaning will determine the degree of cleaning you will need or will get from a professional cleaner. A lot of people use both terms loosely, causing confusion, though both will turn your place upside down figuratively, in reality there is a huge difference between them. After checking the mess at your place, you would soon know which of these two you will need done.

Need something cleaned?

General Cleaning VS Deep Cleaning

General Cleaning

This is what people do on a regular basis, be it daily or weekly, to maintain a level of cleanliness. Simply put, this is tidying up the whole place (not just a specific or selective areas). General doesn’t mean by its rank, but by scope, as in, “general area”. This is done to remove or reduce the amount of dust, dirt and movable debris. The overall cleaning uses a mixture of multi-purpose cleaner and water. Categorically, this type of cleaning must include the following:

Cleaning includes:

  • Wiping surfaces on immediate visual level (ceiling, counter tops, cabinet and refrigerator exteriors, etc)
  • Sweeping or vacuuming floors and mopping it
  • Soap wash of bathroom and kitchen tiles
  • Making the bed
  • tidying up / putting things in order within the rooms
  • Wiping windows, mirrors and glass

Equipment and materials used:

  • Broom and dust pan or vacuum
  • Mop
  • Wash clothes (basahan)
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Water

Need something cleaned?

Deep Cleaning

This is a more intensive way of cleaning and usually done once a month or every 3 months. Deep cleaning is done because there are some dirt and stains that have accumulated to a certain degree that a routine general cleaning cannot suffice. It also involves cleaning spaces that are not regularly reached, and reducing the number of bacteria and grime back to healthier levels. Specialty cleaning products are also used to ensure to get the work done fast and correctly, without damaging the surface. Time used in deep cleaning takes longer than your usual general cleaning. Categorically, this type of cleaning must include the following:

Cleaning includes:

  • Wiping surfaces on immediate visual level (ceiling, counter tops, cabinet and refrigerator exteriors, etc.)
  • Moving and wiping unexposed surfaces (back of TV, back of refrigerator, sink cabinets, etc.)
  • vacuuming and mopping floors
  • Cleaning bathroom and kitchen tiles with bathroom cleaners
  • Degreasing stove tops and tiles surrounding the cooking area
  • Scaling hard water stains and grime removing toilet bowls, faucets, shower heads
  • Making the bed
  • tidying up / putting things in order within the rooms
  • Wiping windows, mirrors and glass using glass cleaner
  • Disinfecting surfaces by wiping/mopping with disinfectant


Equipment and materials used:

  • vacuum
  • Mop
  • Wash clothes (basahan)
  • All purpose cleaner
  • Disinfectant
  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner
  • Degreaser
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Water

The real difference between General Cleaning and Deep Cleaning

General cleaning and Deep Cleaning cannot be interchanged at all as it involves different number of man power, different time required to finish each and the materials needed, but both are needed in home and office spaces. As a professional cleaning service company, we recommend that you do area cleaning daily (common areas), scheduled day cleaning of some areas (bathroom and kitchen cleaning twice a week), general cleaning once a week, and deep cleaning monthly. This is more cost efficient, while keeping your space clean.

You don’t have to do the cleaning yourself, professional cleaning service companies like CMDA Cleaning Services can always be there to help you clean up your space, no matter what requirement you need. Aside from the time you save, you don’t have to invest in equipment such as vacuum cleaners, and specialized cleaning materials such as toilet bowl cleaners and degreasers.

Do you want to learn more on how CMDA Cleaning Services can help you, your family, or your office fight against COVID-19? Send us an email at inquiry@cmdacleaning.com, or call/text us on any number mentioned above.

Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!

CMDA Cleaning Services – A trusted name in Cleaning and Disinfection Services

As a company certified in Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities from the Cleaning Masterclass in UK, our clients trust and prefer our services in all their cleaning, disinfection and housekeeping needs. We deliver beyond the basic cleaning, disinfection and housekeeping services you require and expect. If you have any sanitation questions and request, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today and let us help you create a cleaner and safer future, together.

What is Cleaning

What is Cleaning

As elementary and as simple as it may sound, “cleaning” something may not be so simple at all, and a skill that most humans have not been an expert with. Cleaning and organizing stuff has been evident throughout history, even as early as first humans to walk on Earth, there have been recorded facts that they too have been busy with household chores already.

Need something cleaned?

According to WikipediaCleaning is the process of removing or separating unwanted substances, such as dirt, infectious agents, and other impurities, from an object or environment. Cleaning occurs in many different contexts and different forms like house cleaning or cleaning a fish in food preparation, and uses many different methods. Several occupations are devoted to cleaning, like CMDA Cleaning Services.

In its essence, cleaning is the methodical process of placing things in their right place according to value and purpose. There is a saying that goes “A Place For Everything, and Everything in Its’ Place“.




noun – the action of making something clean, especially the inside of a house.



If you have watched a lot of History and Discovery Channel, or have read their magazines, you may have already watched an episode or article about human history or pre-historic depictions of the early humans. You might have observed that the early humans have already been cleaning things up. It is definitely way different from what we do at the present, but the essence there is – you clean up a space so that no one gets sick, you clean up something you caught so that you can eat it without eventually dying. These were all done by hand and perhaps a knife by someone skilled with it, but no other tools. Cleaning was not to make things look pleasant, it was done so that no one gets ill from the bacteria found in trash and left over food. Cleaning was part of human culture for survival.

Fast forward a few thousand years later, humans have mastered the first and the most critical tool available for cleaning – water. We found that even a juvenile human can clean something using water found in flowing rivers and lakes. Transporting water or digging wells near settlements made home cleaning easier. primitive forms of brooms only became evident during the rise of the Mesopotamian civilization, and soap was invented around 2800 BC. Cleaning became not just a measure for survival, but also for aesthetics – an object, surface or space that looks pleasing to the eye. With the invention of fabric, humans have created another tool to help clean up – the washcloth (basahan).

A few millenia after, cleaning has been incorporated in the society. It has even become a part of a person’s level in the society, being able to hire someone to do the cleaning for you or not. From the biblical times (the advent of cleaning services) up to the industrial revolution, the nobility, royalty or wealthy are those who are able to employ “servants” to clean their homes, and the less-wealthy clean their own. Tools have evolved as well by the invention of pail, brush and mop.

What is Cleaning
What is Cleaning


During the 18 and 19th Century, the discovery of micro-organisms has given us more clarity on why we need to clean – reduce the number of possible illnesses brought by bacteria. Soap with strong chemicals were invented to kill more organisms and we have learned that heating up or adding pressure to an item would totally kill such organisms.

Today, we have more tools and options that can help us, compared to our ancestors. Aside from the broom, pail, washcloth and mop, we now have vacuum cleaners, wall and ceiling swiffers, rotary mops, and robot cleaners. In case you missed it, we have shared the 5 Best and must have tools and equipement for cleaning at home and the Best Cleaning Tools in 2020 and 2021. There are also cleaning soaps that have anti-microbial properties as well that can help in reducing the germs on surfaces.

With the availability of modern tools, almost everyone of us humans have been into cleaning our own homes one way or another. It is just sad that there are still some places on Earth where there are people with no access to clean water for drinking, much more for cleaning.

Cleaning services has evolved from exclusive to royalty and nobility, to Demand Setting – a busy family who needs someone to keep their house clean (housekeeping), a business who need specific cleaning arrangements at specific space and time (janitorial service), or an individual who needs to have a particular object or space cleaned (specialty cleaning). The last two has been the driving force of professional cleaning service companies like CMDA Cleaning Services.

Despite the availability of robot cleaners, cleaning in the modern times still need the human touch as these robot cleaners are basically focused on the floor. Until the invention of a robot like “Rosie” (from the animated series – The Jetsons) or a device equiped with AI, hands and wheels, cleaning service companies will be the best source of professional cleaning.

What is Cleaning
What is Cleaning

Need something cleaned?


Primarily, when it comes to “cleaning” now a days, one needs to improve the aesthetic look for a specific space. You want something to look good if you want it cleaned, get rid of dust here and there, mop the floor to make it shine a little bit, wipe the walls to get rid of stains, and that’s about it – basic cleaning.

There was a time where disinfection was not part of the consideration when doing a home or office cleaning. Heavily relying on the quality of the chemicals used for cleaning and with the advancement of modern medicine, a lot of us has forgotten why our ancestors cleaned in the first place – prevent illness and survive. This is driven basically on human nature’s perception of beauty, and most of all, cost. A stigma that cleaning is done properly by cheap laborers who are not lucky in life or failed to finish school.

Now that the Novel Coronavirus has reached pandemic levels, we humans have gotten into cleaning with disinfection – greatly reducing the micro-organisms present on surfaces, whether bacteria or virus, which is technically the original reason why we clean.

Overall the principles of a good cleaning in the modern times, be it at home or office, are:

  1. Safety – no obstructions that can cause accidents or illnesses;
  2. Efficiency – everything in place and easily accessible when needed;
  3. Productivity – space or object promotes a productive home life or office work, based on the five senses;
What is Cleaning


Despite our history with cleaning, most of us are not good at cleaning, and some even fail horribly. There are thousands of reasons why we should clean, but there are a hundred reasons why we fail, and they are mainly due to:

  1. Cleaning is subjective – what is clean for some, can be still dirty for others;
  2. No universal standard in cleanliness – what is clean at home, may not be that clean at work or at the hospital or even other places. The level of cleanliness at the hospital is not mandatory at home or other spaces;
  3. Cleaning principles unexplained – we were taught in school that we should sweep and mop the floor, keep a clean place, but never explained why we should;
  4. Family background – there are people who are born with either, the parents are not setting good examples in terms of cleanliness, or, already with housekeepers that, when left to themselves, does not know how to effectively clean their space;
  5. Restricting time and budget over purpose – seeing cleaning as non-essential and non-income generating task and providing less time and budget for cleaning;
What is Cleaning
What is Cleaning

We hope we have given you a thorough information regarding what is cleaning, and we hope you would have a new mindset on what is cleaning, why we need to clean. We actually don’t have to do it ourselves if we are “busy” or tending to “other more important matters”, you could always outsource your cleaning requirements from a professional cleaning service like CMDA Cleaning Services. What matters is, there are steps taken to ensure that you and the people around you are safe.

Do you want to learn more on how CMDA Cleaning Services can help you, your family, or your office fight against COVID-19? Send us an email at inquiry@cmdacleaning.com, or call/text us on any number mentioned above.

Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!

Meet your Cleaning Expert (Jim)

Meet your Cleaning Expert (Jim)

Get to know more about the people behind the scenes as we clean and disinfect your homes. For almost a decade, CMDA Cleaning Services has hired and helped people who are coachable, trust-worthy, hard working and dependable, despite their challenges in life and in education. As long as they are willing to be trained and perform well, it doesn’t matter what they look like or what their gender preference is. Jim has been a member of the CMDA family for just more than a year but she has excelled in her work an now working on her promotion as Housekeeping Manager. 

Need something cleaned?

How long have you been with CMDA?

1 year and 3 months. I started as a custodian last July 2019, and lasted for 5 months, and then on January 2020, I started training as an Admin Assistant (Nag start ako as custodian/cleaner noong July 4, 2019 and nag last for 5 months and nung January 2020 nag start ng training as Admin Assistant).


How did CMDA Cleaning Services help you in your personal life?

Since I got hired here in CMDA, it helped me in paying my bills (helped financially), and naturally I could share in paying the bills with my husband, enhanced my knowledge being an employee and as a person, and I learned how to deal with people because there are people who teach me how to be strong, separate work from personal relationships. Example is “thinking” work during work, personal relationships is done after work. (Since nag apply ako sa CMDA nakatulong ito sa mga bills (Gumaan financially),natural kahit papaano nakaka share nako sa husband ko, naenhance ang kaalaman bilang empleyado at bilang tao at natututo ako makisama at makisalamuha sa mga tao dahil may mag tuturo sayo paano ka maging matibay,ihiwalay yung trabho sa pakikipagkaibigan.sample Trabaho trabho,kaibigan after work na un.).

As an employee, what makes you unique in CMDA?

As an employee of CMDA, it teaches you to become mature, teaches you how to be knowledgeable and how to improve your life, they will see your potential and talent (not just on the position that you applied in). Because in other employers, you will only be in that position you applied for. (Bilang Empleyado ng CMDA, tinuturuan ka (ng CMDA) maging mature, tinuturuan ka maging marunong at kung papano tumaas or umasenso, nakikita nila ang iba mo pang potential o galing (Hindi lang kung ano ang inapplyan na position) . Dahil sa ibang employer hanggang doon na lang ikaw kung ano yung pinasok mo.)


What are your dreams as a CMDA Employee?

I dream that all employees know the difference between our personal and professional life. We need balance, and if you have a friend who is also working with you, you also need to balance how we talk to them (as an officemate). Another thing why I dream about this is because work becomes lovely if you have peace of mind, it’s work when it’s work, and separate it from all the personal baggage we bring everyday. (Ang pangarap ko ay malaman ng mga empleyado kung ano ang pagkakaiba ng personal sa professional na buhay natin. Kailangan natin kase ng balance, at kung may kaibigan ka na katrabaho mo need natin mabalance ang ating mga totoong sinasabi natin sa kanila (Bilang kopisina at katrabaho). Isa rin na kaya ko ito pangarap ay dahil masarap magtrabaho kapag may peace of mind, kung trabaho, trabaho lang at ihihiwalay dapat ito sa mga personal na dinadala natin sa araw-araw.)

Need something cleaned?

What are the challenges that you are experiencing right now? and how can CMDA Cleaning Services help you?

Now that I am transitioning from being a custodian/admin staff to a trainee of housekeeping managerial position, the challenges that I experience now are the feeling that someone is pulling you down and does not see your worth as an employee. But I can go through with it, why? Because there are people who help me and easy to approach and someone I can speak my mind to (From Ms Ivy – Service Sales Manager, Sir Troy – General Manger, up to mam Renz – President).  (Ngayon dahil na sa pag transition ng Custodian/Admin Staff to a Trainee of Housekeeping Managerial position, ang pagsubok na nararanasan ko ngayon ay ang pakiramdam na may nag dodown sayo at hindi nakikita ang worth mo bilang tao at empleyado. Pero nakakayanan ko naman bakit? kase may mga taong tumutulong saakin at madaling lapitan o pwede masabi kung ano yung nasa loob ko (Mula kay Ma’am Ivy, Sir Troy hanggang kay Ma’am Renz)).


What is the difference between being an Admin Assistant and being a Custodian?

As a cleaner/custodian, being clean will come out natural to you, there is an SOP and there are trainings being done. As an Admin Assistant, sometimes it’s difficult but there are people diligent to teach you.  (Bilang cleaners ang pagiging malinis ay natural lang na lumalabas sa iyo, may SOP at may Training na ginagawa. As an Admin Assistant trainee, minsan nahihirapan pero matiyaga naman mag turo ang mga nkakataas na sina Sir Troy, Ma’am Renz at Ms. Ivy.)

Were you looking for a particular position before you applied for a job in CMDA?

I wasn’t looking for a particular position, I just wanted to have a work and when I entered CMDA, I learned a lot and I became stronger. Before I got in at CMDA, I was working in a school as a teacher aid, so it was totally different, because before as a pre-school teacher aid there was less pressure because you were gentle in treating your students and colleagues. In CMDA, there is pressure but it helped me become stronger in life, that is what I saw here in CMDA.  (Wala akong hinahanap na position, Gusto ko lang magkawork and nang makapasok ako ng CMDA mas marami akong natutunan at mas tumatag ako.Before ako mag CMDA kase, sa school ako nag work and as a teacher aid ,so magkaibang magkaiba talaga, because dati as a Pre-School Teacher aid less pressure because mas malambing ang pakikitungo because mga bata ang kasama mo. Sa CMDA Naman is mas may pressure pero mas nakatulong sila sakin na mas maging matatag in life.yan ang nakita ko dito CMDA).


Do you think the pressure you are experiencing in CMDA is helping you learn more and be stronger in life?

Honestly, yes, because I am not really that strong, but I am getting there, and it was only now that I felt this kind of pressure in my 41 years of existence becuase CMDA saw that I can get past through my weaknesses, especially with handling people.  (Honestly, yes. Because hindi naman ako ganon KATIBAY/KATATAG… “but i’m getting there” and ngayon ko lang lang naramdaman yung ganitong pressure in my 41 years of existance dahil nakita ng CMDA na kaya ko pang lagpasan ang aking mga kahinaan o makakayahan lalo na sa pag handle ng tao.)


Would you recommend others to work in CMDA?

Yes, I recommend working in CMDA, because they can reach the potential beyond what they already know. (Yes! marerekomenda ko ang pagtrabaho sa CMDA dahil magkakaroon sila ng ng potential na tumaas pa sa higit sa kaalaman nila.)

Do you want to learn more on how CMDA Cleaning Services can help you, your family, or your office fight against COVID-19? Send us an email at inquiry@cmdacleaning.com, or call/text us on any number mentioned above.

Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!

How To: Clean Carpets

How To: Clean Carpets

Cleaning carpets can be tricky at times, sometimes the best solution is that, as soon as something drops at your precious carpet, especially liquids, you must clean and wipe it right away before it dries up and stains it. During the course of time, and with the foot traffic it had endured, carpets tend to fade or its color become dull. You’re now tasked with cleaning it all together, and would rather do it than buy a new one. Below are the best steps on how to clean carpets, removing stains and restoring it to its former glory.

Need something cleaned?

How to clean carpets

  1. Vacuum the carpet, remove all dusts and debris
  2. Prepare your shampoo solution (commercially bought) or 1 part all-purpose solution with 5 parts water
  3. With a sponge (scotch brite), mix your shampoo solution to make foam/suds
  4. Using the sponge, scoop out the foam/suds and apply on carpet (to avoid over wetting the carpet which causes foul smell)
  5. Scrub the carpet using the sponge at the direction of the wefts and knots (to avaid possible tear[1])
  6. Use 1 part bleach/color safe bleach with 10 parts water to remove stains
  7. Dry the carpet thoroughly using a blower
  8. Repeat where necessary

If cleaning your carpet seem like a herculian task, or if there seem to be some foul odor coming out of it, you can always hire a professional carpet cleaning company like CMDA Cleaning Services. It doesn’t cost as much as replacing your carpet, and you don’t have to worry about getting tired or getting a foul smell from the cleaning.

Do you want to learn more on how CMDA Cleaning Services can help you, your family, or your office fight against COVID-19? Send us an email at inquiry@cmdacleaning.com, or call/text us on any number mentioned above.

Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!

Rise, Re-enter and Recover: CMDA Cleaning Services COVID-19 Story

Rise, Re-enter and Recover: CMDA Cleaning Services COVID-19 Story

Our management has always advocated for proper and fair business development and management. Throughout the company’s history and experiences, which included low seasons and economy inflations to name a few, our company has developed measures to ensure that all the financial, legal and workforce obligations are met during trying times. Now that the country is in a health crisis, the company’s plans and its principles are put to the test.

At the start of the pandemic

At the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic here in the Philippines and the implementation of Enhanced Community Quarantine, a lot of companies are worried about business and how to go about doing transactions in what would be the new norm of, not just the Philippine society, but the whole world. Aside from the economic impact, there is a health risk posing against all – rich or poor, employee or employer, a small business owner or a mega corporation.

Thankfully, the full brunt of these fears and implications did not totally impact our company (though still affected with the decrease in inquiries and sales). There were measures already in place for something like this prior to the crisis, however, not meant for this length of time:

  • Emergency Savings Fund
  • SOP for Human Resource coordinator

When news arrived that the Enhance Community Quarantine was to be imposed in the entire nation, internal measures were arranged:

  • “Work from Home” set up for administrators
  • “Stand-by for transport” for custodians
  • Provided full salary at the end of March
  • Provided pro-rated 13th month pay plus cash assistance on April 15th payroll
  • Provided comprehensive Salary loan on the start of May
  • All health monitoring was based through communications via sms and chat

Need something cleaned?

The financial assistance from concerned government agencies haven’t arrived yet as of this posting, but the company knew that compassion is also part of growing a business, especially in a service industry that relies on manpower. Thankfully, the government released some memorandum that enables CMDA Cleaning Services to do a unique and rising type of service – Disinfection. Our Disinfection officers were still able to work but operates on special and strict guidelines:

  • Wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), gloves, masks and face shield (provided by CMDA)
  • Operate and transport 1:1 disinfection officer to vehicle



At the beginning of May, thankfully, government agencies has relaxed some measures to recover the economy, and so we slowly restored our other services like office cleaning and home sanitation. However, certain guidelines were needed to follow and so we used appropriate and recommended measures to slowly return to work:

  • We picked up each employee from their homes to staff house
  • The company provided board and lodging for employees through a rented unit near the office (one for male employees, one for female employees)
  • Provided a dedicated transport vehicle when servicing clients to avoid contamination
  • Imposing strict health measures such as always wearing face masks and observing proper physical distancing
  • Provided vitamins and ensuring they get 6-8 hours of sleep
  • Direct approach of health monitoring by visually and directly checking for symptoms by the health officer
  • Provided PPEs for each custodian to protect them and the clients every time there are projects
  • Comprehensive training and seminar on our company’s recovery plan to identify the role of each team member
  • Testings will be done twice a month on all CMDA employees to ensure their safety considering the line of work we do

Prior to the pandemic, safety of everyone has always been the company’s top priority, and it has emphasized it more now by further augmenting it with the additional protocols placed in our Standard Operating Procedures. With the government slowly modifying the community quarantine guidelines on each regions, CMDA Cleaning Services will surely be there to help everyone to rise and recover through a cleaner and safer place. As a start, we offer our recovery plan template on all companies that we are in partnership with to help them kick start their back to work program and place a robust health protocol for all of their employees.

GCQ and the “New Normal”

Finally on June 01, 2020, the government has declared that the National Capital Region be placed on General Community Quarantine (GCQ). Althought we have been operating already at a limited capacity, this gave our clients more flexibility in terms of getting our services before they resume back to office. Since the pandemic has affected life and business, our services has been in demand for the “new normal” as more and more require disinfection.

Though not mandated by the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Department of Health (DoH), nor the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE), we opted to test all our staff for the Rapid Anti-Body COVID-19 test, and last June 12, 2020, we all had our test made and thankfully, from the transport team, to the custodians and up to our admin team are all COVID-19 NEGATIVE. This gave us, including our families, especially our clients, peace of mind. We know we can always be true to our virtue on “providing a clean and safe place for everyone”.

Back to MECQ and the fight for COVID-19 goes on

As the metro and surrounding provinces return back to MECQ, we have already gone through our 3rd monthly Rapid Anti-Body COVID-19 test for all our employees. Knowing that we are all still negative for covid, it goes to show that our safety measures are working, but still, we remain vigilant and continue our efforts in ensuring we, and our clients are free from infection. We have had a lot of occassions as well that we have come to rescue our clients from their cancelled cleaning service because our competitors were limited and challenged by the MECQ guidelines. Our training has always involved quick response to our customers, with safety as the priority, to make sure their place is clean and disinfected immediately.

COVID-19 Check Up and Test Results

First Posted on: May 16, 2020
Updated: August 15 2020

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