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5 Best and Must Have Cleaning Tools and Equipment at Home

Experts have collaborated to answer our question: What are the best Cleaning Tools and Equipment at home?

You may have tried a lot of materials available at the store or online, different methods and different techniques in cleaning your place. On some occasions it seems that some work and some don’t. Below are the cleaning materials that are a must-have on every home.


5 Best and Must-Have Cleaning Tools and Equipment at Home 

  1. Vacuum
  2. Spray bottle
  3. Wash Cloth (Basahan)
  4. Mop (rotary or scrubber)
  5. Dishwashing Liquid

Need something cleaned?


You would always want dust and dirt to be collected on one area, or in a bag, so that they do not fly off to other spaces in your home. A vacuum cleaner not only does this, but also makes cleaning easier and faster. Experts recommend those with a blower function so you could use it as a dryer as well.

There are even specialized vacuum cleaners that help clean the air while cleaning your floor. Hydrovacuum cleaners have been in the market for some time already and they do provide more features than the regular ones. What experts love most about hydrovacs is adding oil essences in the water basin to provide fragrant clean air around the area.


Where to buy: Department store, Mall Hardware store



One of the greatest innovations in housekeeping is the mop. You can find different mops with different mop heads and handles, but experts recommend rotary or scrubber mops. They are self drying and self cleaning, which makes mopping easier and faster. You should have any one of this mop types to help you clean up spills and wash floors.

Where to buy: Department Store, Mall hardware, Lazada



Though any washcloth can do, it is better to get the best “Basahan” out there. If you can find the ones that they use for car wash that can absorb more water, the better. One of the basics, and probably the majority of tasks, in a house cleaning is wiping down surfaces, so having different wash clothes for each area of the house is ideal.

Washclothes come in different colors. This can help you identifying which part of the house you use it by designating a color. For example, you can use yellow on kitchen surfaces, green on table tops, blue on bathroom walls, and so on.

Where to buy: Grocery/supermarket, Automotive shops, Lazada



One of the great trends and concepts in the 21st century is minimalism, and that includes housekeeping. Say goodbye to large pails and buckets and use pre mixed cleaning liquids stored in spray bottles instead. Pre mix your dishwashing liquid, toilet bowl cleaners, all purpose cleaners, disinfectant, and bleach into spray bottles and they are now ready to use 24/7. 

One of the benefits of using a spray bottle instead of dippers is the ease of dispersing water and cleaners with just a twist of the adjustment nozzle. It also lets you control your liquid cleaning products’ consumption by pre mixing the right amount with water in a bottle.

Where to buy: Grocery/supermarket, Lazada



What do All purpose cleaners, car wash shampoo, and dishwashing liquid have in common? Surfactant. All of them have surfactants, only in different concentration. You can have all the benefits by just buying dishwashing liquid because you can use it from cleaning the dishes up to cleaning your toilet.

The secret to using surfactants like dishwashing liquid is soaking the surface with a mixture of surfactant and water. Soaking helps the surfactant loosen up more dirt and oil, making cleaning easier. Longer soaking time means you will be scrubbing less.

Where to buy: Grocery/supermarket


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