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Office General Cleaning

Your office is a place to be productive and a place of growth. It is essential to provide a workplace conducive for learning and working. We can help you with that, we leave nothing but well wishes that your business prosper even more.


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Who are your CMDA office  cleaners?

Our cleaners are personally trained by us to follow strict cleaning process that we have developed and put to action every single time. Although we are a family-oriented small business, we pay our regular cleaners minimum wage with mandated benefits and more.

We have trained our teams on how to regard themselves as professional at all times so you can expect better behaved cleaners and results-driven teams. We have a strict hiring process and do not employ without proper identification, referral or vouches.

We highly value your privacy and your trust so we make sure we deploy cleaners who are trustworthy, decent and deserving of a good, stable job.

Weekly Schedule

Avail of our weekly office cleaner  service. You can choose your cleaning schedule. Message  us to know more about it.

Basic Office Cleaning

4hrs surface cleaning and office organization. Perfect to maintain your office after a thorough cleaning. Message us to know more.

One Time Deep Cleaning (Most Popular)

All in thorough cleaning and we'll make sure all nooks and crannies for your office are cleaned and sanitized.

Weekly | Monthly

Office Cleaner

Need more than just a one time deep cleaning of your office?

We can also provide you discounted rates for monthly, bi-monthly or weekly cleaning at a reasonable contract. Every cleaning schedule will have the same level of deep cleaning service and CMDA touch to ensure your office or establishment is in perfect shape.

If you just need the skills of a trained and professional CMDA custodian (cleaner), we also provide manpower for a weekly schedule or whenever you need. Our custodian can work with any cleaning material you provide, or he/she can recommend or suggest what other cleaning solutions can help in making your office a better place to work in.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our multi-scheduled office cleaning service.

Aside from a one time office deep cleaning service, we also provide monthly cleaners on several offices around Ortigas, Pasig, Makati, San Juan, Taguig, Quezon City, and nearby areas of Metro Manila.

How does it work?
Regular cleaner/s are assigned to your office depending on your requested number of days in a week. Our minimum number of hours per visit is 3 hours and maximum of 6 hours. This is because we require our staff to report to our office before and after deployment for proper facilitation and monitoring.

For rates, please email: inquiry@cmdacleaning.com

Basic Office Cleaning

Scope of work: maximum of 3hrs only

Surface cleaning on all areas and counter tops
All floors will be vacuumed and mopped
Mirrors and glass panels will be cleaned
Pantry & appliances cleaning- exterior side only
Wipe clean office tables/ work stations
Restroom cleaning if any
Tidy up all areas
Vacuum all office chairs
Empty trash bins (please provide liners)

📌Does not include:
- balcony cleaning
- steam cleaning
- disinfection
- interior side cleaning on all appliances and equipment
- wall cleaning
- ceiling and light fixture cleaning

One Time Deep Cleaning

Not all offices are the same and we have a customized cleaning process on each offices but here’s a general flow on how we go about with our office deep cleaning to give you a brief idea.


What's Included

All Rooms: Executive rooms, conference rooms, meeting rooms, board rooms/war rooms, and stock rooms (optional) will all be thoroughly cleaned for an orderly, better smelling and better looking office. Cobwebs will be removed from ceilings, walls and floors. Finally, all surfaces will be disinfected by a high grade, medical grade disinfectant to kill germs, virus and bacteria and ensure a clean and safe work rooms.

Restrooms: All restrooms will be washed, scrubbed and sanitize. Clean mirrors. Polish chrome. Wash floors and tile walls. Deodorize urinals and toilet bowls. Application of odor counteractant to remove foul smell.

Pantry: Counter tops and cabinet exteriors will be cleaned to ensure clean and safe storage for your employees’ food and beverages. Small or big pantry appliances and furniture will be cleaned and sanitized as well. Grease trap cleaning is also included.

Work Stations: Clean and sanitized including keyboards, mouse, office tables, cubicles, and office chairs to ensure that virus and bacteria are prevented from spreading.

Floors and Carpets: Will be vacuumed and tiled floors will be mopped and sanitized.

We also scrub and polish floors using floor polisher equipment but it’s a highly specialized area so it’s an added service. We also offer carpet shampoo as added service- it’s a great way of preserving and caring for your carpets as we use solutions that will not harm any carpet.

Windows: Interior windows will be cleaned using our industry grade glass cleaning solution.

Doors and frames: They maybe just little things for most but these things can collect dust and germs easily. We will sanitize it for you top, bottom, inner, outer, left and right.

Glass panels: Glass dividers, windows and cubicles will be thoroughly cleaned to remove unwanted marks on it.

Small to large office furniture: All wiped and carefully cleaned- that includes through vacuum of office chairs, executive chairs and even visitor lounges.

Ceilings: It’s tricky to clean ceilings especially the open type ones but we surely do our best to clean it because dusts settle there and can cause rhinitis, asthma attacks and more. It’s also good to clean sprinklers as cobwebs may cause its malfunction when it’s needed.

Light fixtures: We also wipe clean all light fixtures. Simply, no stone left unturned, well in our case… no stone left uncleaned.

Diffusers and fire/smoke detectors: These things need  to be cleaned at least once every quarter.


Thank you for the work you did on the office. If ever you need a reference from a long way from you I am here to say as far as I am concerned, you can be utterly trusted to do what is required and do it well!


I am a foreigner and my expectation was low but your team did so much more. I am happy to have found a regular crew with your company. Your cleaner, Marianne, is very sincere and honest.


This is not our first time to use a professional cleaning service for our office cleaning, but this is the first time that we felt the worth of the money we paid. Thank you so much!


Very detailed and worked straight… Thank you also for being so prompt to answer me.

Other Services We Offer

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We accept full on restaurant cleaning and kitchen only cleaning.

Wall Repainting Service

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Office Cleaner

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Sofa and Chair Shampoo

Those heavily soiled sofas and dining chairs can use a good scrubbing. We'll make it look fresh and smelling nice.

Office Chair Shampoo

Office chairs are expensive items, keep them for long through proper cleaning. Call us to inquire.

Move In & Out Cleaning

Our team will be there to make sure the unit is ready for turn over or properly sanitized for you to occupy.

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