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5 Best Wall Paint Colors for Summer

Filipinos love summer – going to the beach, feeling the breeze, all the fun and sun! We love everything about it, we want a part of it in our homes – except the heat.

Here are five of the best wall paint colors to keep your home cool this summer season (and probably your best home improvement you will do!):

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This is the best color to paint since almost all of its variations reflect the most light. White also gives the impression of cleanliness and simplicity. This color is always available in hardware stores.

Apart from helping your place become cooler during summer, painting your walls white makes your place look more spacious. It blends well with most of the other light colors, so you could play around with the color of your trimmings.

We recommend:
Boysen B-7410 Hygienic White odorless or Boysen HH-706 Tulle White
Davies BF+-50501 Satin White


Light pink, Light Pink orange, call it whatever you like, you get the idea. Peach colors remind us of the feeling of looking at a beautiful sunset on the beach. In the Psychology of colors, Peach promotes feelings of joy and warmth.

When using the color Peach, work around its spectrum – Light Red, light orange to light yellow.

We recommend:
Boysen HH-5-G72 Fresh Melon
Davies BF+-50551 Almost Peach


This is one of the main colors of Summer – yellowish white sand, the yellow sand and yellow flowers! The color yellow is associated with sunshine, hope, laughter, warmth, happiness, and energy.

If you want the color yellow to stand out in your space, add around it a few of its complementary colors – green and blue! If you want it to blend well with other colors, choose between Red, orange and light green.

We recommend:
Boysen HH-15-G116 Gingko Tree
Davies BF+-50545 Yellow Lark

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Sky Blue

Not dark blue, not marine blue, nor indigo – sky blue. The color of a cloudless summer sky mid afternoon on the beach. Sky blue gives off the feeling of calmness, peace, and relaxation – something we all want at home.

Sky blue is fun to blend with jewel tones, cream, white and gold colors. If you want this color to stand out, add a touch of yellow or light pink.

We recommend:
Boysen HH-26-G56 Obagi Blue Peel
Davies BF+-50523 Blue Rays




What is the next best thing we love about summer? – Water! Specifically, the color of it on the beach or pool. According to DesignAI, Turquoise is a calm, friendly, and cheerful color, radiating the tranquility of blue, the growth of green, and the vitality of yellow.

Adding Turquoise with most other colors sends off different moods and meaning, it is so much fun to work with! Pair it with other neutral shades, wood tones, and darker shades of blue and you get fantastic results.

We recommend:
Boysen HH-24-G51 Facial Mask
Davies BF+-50525 Ocean view

Image by: Completely Coastal


Wall paint color plays a big role in keeping control of the temperature of your home. You would want your home feeling cooler during the summer time, so, choosing the right colors that also match your preference, will help keep your place cool. Dark colors absorb light (infrared rays), making the space warm, while light colors reflect light and lessen the heat.

Early summer in the Philippines is the best time to have your space painted. Humidity is not that high and the paint dries and cures properly. This is another reason why most construction and renovations are done during this period.