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We have years of cleaning experience under our belt, from small houses and studio type condominium units, to large offices and multiple floor buildings, we even cared for restaurants around the Metro and recently we have been commissioned to work with international sailing cruise ships and cargo vessels for their disinfection needs.

You can trust us and our custodians to handle your homes or offices as if it were our own. We will make you feel comfortable with our professionally dressed, respectful, and well trained staff!

We will be there when you need us, on time and friendly.

We will provide you with information to make educated and informed decisions on the services we provide.

Because we understand that it is important to have the cleaning completed in one day. We know you want to use the space for its intended purpose as soon as possible, so we send as many cleaning custodians as we need to insure there’s only one day of cleaning between the final day of building, and the first day of your move in.

Because we know that when you move in, you want all areas be in usable condition. This includes your balcony, kitchen area and its appliances, and your washrooms and their fixtures. Our cleaning coverage includes everything inside your house.

CMDA Cleaning Services is operated and managed by Registered Medical Technologists with Masters in Microbiology so you can trust that we know what we’re doing in terms of cleaning, viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites because these are few of our course of study then and until now.

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Our Story

Hi friends!

I’m Reena and I’m the heart of  CMDA Cleaning Services. This business idea is a brainchild of my awesome Mom and the concept, ideals, motivations are all developed by myself and my husband. We are Registered Medical Technologists and Masters of Microbiology. So in all of CMDA’s Standard Operating Procedures and processes, you’ll see pieces of our Med Tech lives.

Apart from being Med techs,  what drove us the idea of a cleaning business is being condo dwellers ourselves for nearly 12 years and we experienced first hand issues with our condo’s wear and tear, post construction clean ups, moving in and out preps and so on. It was a struggle for us to find help in making sure our home is clean, sanitized and fit for our kids to live in (you know how kids are in small spaces). I learned to be overly meticulous especially with how I clean our home. I am a true believer that in order for us to have a blissful life, it should start at home. I started my research on cleaning specific areas of our home and discovered products that truly helped along the way and discarded cleaning stuff that doesn’t work. Through long nights of research and practical applications, our cleaning business ideas moved further.

I personally developed a cleaning process based on scientific rationale, employing our deep knowledge on micro ogranism and its ecosystem and trained my first ever cleaning team. I was pregnant at the time and was not allowed to go “out in the field” so I tasked my husband to be the team leader of our teams. He scrubbed, vacuumed and cleaned making sure he spots areas I want to be cleaned. From then, our teams grew and I soon realized that I’m doing all of these not just for profit but to help out my teams to have a stable income and a fair, decent job to rely on.

I am now certified in Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities to ensure that we can address the cleaning and sanitation needs in any situation such as the coronavirus pandemic we have right now. 

CMDA Cleaning Services is being ran by RMTs, powered by big hearts from the team that works equally hard to serve our clients. 

Quality Service

CMDA now offers deep cleaning services to condominiums, residential houses, offices, showrooms, clubs as well as restaurants (and basically we have cleaned all areas you can imagine). We are also known for our expertise in post construction cleaning, carpet shampoo, mattress shampoo, office chair shampoo (we do dining chair shampoo too!) with glowing recommendations from our past clients. We offer handy helper packages for those who prefer per hour help. Please visit our Menu Services for more information. All these are the results of continuous study and unending brainstorming between myself and my husband then of course regular training for our teams.

We use top of the line, industry grade cleaning and disinfectant solutions (which I personally test and use at home too). All of our cleaning solutions are locally made (we support local!), all are FDA approved and environment safe. We observe proper hygiene and safety protocols both for our teams and for sites that we service. We strive to continuously train our teams, innovate and improve so we become better each time.

Personal and Professional

Our cleaning crew are decent, honest, and trained skilled cleaners. I personally train them with the kind of cleaning I approve and the process I want. I promise nothing but the best for each of our clients so all of our cleaning staff undergo continuous training on cleaning, hygiene, even leadership training for our team leaders and supervisors.

The company designed a training program for each of our custodians so they all have a procedure to follow while out in the “field”. At the same time, we have training each month that’s not work related to help our cleaners with their finances, personal and family life.

We treat our employees as families, some of them live with us, in fact. They receive fair wages with benefits and are regular employees complete with government and medical clearances. As this company was built with our families in mind, we extend our company’s benefits to our employees’ families as well. Our goal is to give them comfortable income enough to sustain their families. We support single mothers, abused women and single fathers. We do not discriminate against age, gender and preference. 

Given that we have a great earning opportunity for our employees and in line with our core values, we have a strict hiring process in place. We do not hire walk just anyone who wants to work. He or she must be referred or vouched by someone from our company or from relatives and friends. If not, he or she must be background checked and vetted.

Lastly, we treat our clients with care and respect and always aiming to exceed expectations. In the same way, I expect my team to be given the same level of respect.


CMDA Cleaning Services is a family oriented cleaning service company devoted into providing the best professional cleaning services in the Philippines.

Our mission is providing families and companies spaces that are conducive and safe for living, learning and working through our excellent standard of cleaning. We dedicate ourselves into providing the highest quality of cleaning with a sense of professionalism, friendliness, individual pride, and company spirit.


Provide a clean and safe environment for everyone.