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Meet your Cleaning Expert (Jim)

Get to know more about the people behind the scenes as we clean and disinfect your homes. For almost a decade, CMDA Cleaning Services has hired and helped people who are coachable, trust-worthy, hard working and dependable, despite their challenges in life and in education. As long as they are willing to be trained and perform well, it doesn’t matter what they look like or what their gender preference is. Jim has been a member of the CMDA family for just more than a year but she has excelled in her work an now working on her promotion as Housekeeping Manager. 

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How long have you been with CMDA?

1 year and 3 months. I started as a custodian last July 2019, and lasted for 5 months, and then on January 2020, I started training as an Admin Assistant (Nag start ako as custodian/cleaner noong July 4, 2019 and nag last for 5 months and nung January 2020 nag start ng training as Admin Assistant).


How did CMDA Cleaning Services help you in your personal life?

Since I got hired here in CMDA, it helped me in paying my bills (helped financially), and naturally I could share in paying the bills with my husband, enhanced my knowledge being an employee and as a person, and I learned how to deal with people because there are people who teach me how to be strong, separate work from personal relationships. Example is “thinking” work during work, personal relationships is done after work. (Since nag apply ako sa CMDA nakatulong ito sa mga bills (Gumaan financially),natural kahit papaano nakaka share nako sa husband ko, naenhance ang kaalaman bilang empleyado at bilang tao at natututo ako makisama at makisalamuha sa mga tao dahil may mag tuturo sayo paano ka maging matibay,ihiwalay yung trabho sa pakikipagkaibigan.sample Trabaho trabho,kaibigan after work na un.).

As an employee, what makes you unique in CMDA?

As an employee of CMDA, it teaches you to become mature, teaches you how to be knowledgeable and how to improve your life, they will see your potential and talent (not just on the position that you applied in). Because in other employers, you will only be in that position you applied for. (Bilang Empleyado ng CMDA, tinuturuan ka (ng CMDA) maging mature, tinuturuan ka maging marunong at kung papano tumaas or umasenso, nakikita nila ang iba mo pang potential o galing (Hindi lang kung ano ang inapplyan na position) . Dahil sa ibang employer hanggang doon na lang ikaw kung ano yung pinasok mo.)


What are your dreams as a CMDA Employee?

I dream that all employees know the difference between our personal and professional life. We need balance, and if you have a friend who is also working with you, you also need to balance how we talk to them (as an officemate). Another thing why I dream about this is because work becomes lovely if you have peace of mind, it’s work when it’s work, and separate it from all the personal baggage we bring everyday. (Ang pangarap ko ay malaman ng mga empleyado kung ano ang pagkakaiba ng personal sa professional na buhay natin. Kailangan natin kase ng balance, at kung may kaibigan ka na katrabaho mo need natin mabalance ang ating mga totoong sinasabi natin sa kanila (Bilang kopisina at katrabaho). Isa rin na kaya ko ito pangarap ay dahil masarap magtrabaho kapag may peace of mind, kung trabaho, trabaho lang at ihihiwalay dapat ito sa mga personal na dinadala natin sa araw-araw.)

Need something cleaned?

What are the challenges that you are experiencing right now? and how can CMDA Cleaning Services help you?

Now that I am transitioning from being a custodian/admin staff to a trainee of housekeeping managerial position, the challenges that I experience now are the feeling that someone is pulling you down and does not see your worth as an employee. But I can go through with it, why? Because there are people who help me and easy to approach and someone I can speak my mind to (From Ms Ivy – Service Sales Manager, Sir Troy – General Manger, up to mam Renz – President).  (Ngayon dahil na sa pag transition ng Custodian/Admin Staff to a Trainee of Housekeeping Managerial position, ang pagsubok na nararanasan ko ngayon ay ang pakiramdam na may nag dodown sayo at hindi nakikita ang worth mo bilang tao at empleyado. Pero nakakayanan ko naman bakit? kase may mga taong tumutulong saakin at madaling lapitan o pwede masabi kung ano yung nasa loob ko (Mula kay Ma’am Ivy, Sir Troy hanggang kay Ma’am Renz)).


What is the difference between being an Admin Assistant and being a Custodian?

As a cleaner/custodian, being clean will come out natural to you, there is an SOP and there are trainings being done. As an Admin Assistant, sometimes it’s difficult but there are people diligent to teach you.  (Bilang cleaners ang pagiging malinis ay natural lang na lumalabas sa iyo, may SOP at may Training na ginagawa. As an Admin Assistant trainee, minsan nahihirapan pero matiyaga naman mag turo ang mga nkakataas na sina Sir Troy, Ma’am Renz at Ms. Ivy.)

Were you looking for a particular position before you applied for a job in CMDA?

I wasn’t looking for a particular position, I just wanted to have a work and when I entered CMDA, I learned a lot and I became stronger. Before I got in at CMDA, I was working in a school as a teacher aid, so it was totally different, because before as a pre-school teacher aid there was less pressure because you were gentle in treating your students and colleagues. In CMDA, there is pressure but it helped me become stronger in life, that is what I saw here in CMDA.  (Wala akong hinahanap na position, Gusto ko lang magkawork and nang makapasok ako ng CMDA mas marami akong natutunan at mas tumatag ako.Before ako mag CMDA kase, sa school ako nag work and as a teacher aid ,so magkaibang magkaiba talaga, because dati as a Pre-School Teacher aid less pressure because mas malambing ang pakikitungo because mga bata ang kasama mo. Sa CMDA Naman is mas may pressure pero mas nakatulong sila sakin na mas maging matatag in life.yan ang nakita ko dito CMDA).


Do you think the pressure you are experiencing in CMDA is helping you learn more and be stronger in life?

Honestly, yes, because I am not really that strong, but I am getting there, and it was only now that I felt this kind of pressure in my 41 years of existence becuase CMDA saw that I can get past through my weaknesses, especially with handling people.  (Honestly, yes. Because hindi naman ako ganon KATIBAY/KATATAG… “but i’m getting there” and ngayon ko lang lang naramdaman yung ganitong pressure in my 41 years of existance dahil nakita ng CMDA na kaya ko pang lagpasan ang aking mga kahinaan o makakayahan lalo na sa pag handle ng tao.)


Would you recommend others to work in CMDA?

Yes, I recommend working in CMDA, because they can reach the potential beyond what they already know. (Yes! marerekomenda ko ang pagtrabaho sa CMDA dahil magkakaroon sila ng ng potential na tumaas pa sa higit sa kaalaman nila.)

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