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General & Intensive Cleaning Courses

We have been in the cleaning industry business for 10 years and we are now part of the educators who would want to impart basic and advance cleaning, disinfection, and housekeeping courses to homes, offices and agencies.

Our training courses are aligned with our mission to provide a safe environment for all. 


Our Course Offerings

Cleaning Business Course

how to run your cleaning business successfully

This is a unique course gives the highest quality training in running a successful cleaning business with the critical knowledge on all areas applicable to it.

 Infection Control Practice

for private companies

This course will educate your team on how to properly disinfect areas against all types of microorganisms- bacteria, viruses and fungi. This is recommended for all types of facilities.

Hospital Housekeeping

for old and new hospital

This course will educate your team on proper housekeeping techniques and practices to improve performance, level up cleaning standards or for accreditations.

Administrative and Management Training for Cleaning Service Businesses

For Cleaning Business Owners

This course will help Cleaning Busines owners how to optimize workflow in their business and make it like a well oiled machine.

Residential Cleaning Course

cleaning process and principle for residential cleaning

This course is intended to provide cleaning staff a good cleaning process or system suitable for offices or any general facilities. 

Housekeeping Training

For small to medium hotels, B&Bs, INNs

This course is perfect for housekeepers caring for bed and breakfasts, inns, small hotels or motels. This will teach them cost effective methods on cleaning and successfully maintain order and cleanliness.



Facilities and Public Area Cleaning

For commercial facilities

This course will help your team manage cleaning public, high traffic areas effectively and efficiently.



Manpower for Cleaning Services

For cleaning companies who needs trained manpower only

We have made hiring cleaners easier for you by providing trained, ready to be deployed cleaners for your cleaning company!



Housekeeping Team Training

office cleaning and maintenance 

This special course will provide in depth training on cleaning and disinfection processes needed for office facilities. It focuses in safety and risk factors as well.

Specialized Cleaning Course

Carpet deep cleaning, upholstery deep cleaning, etc 

Shampoo is not an easy task, if you do it wrong it might cost you a whole lot. This course will teach you proper ways to do it right.

Housekeeping Leadership

For housekeeping supervisors

Take your housekeeping team leaders to an advance course in Housekeeping Management so they can be your allies in organizing and maintaining your performing teams.

Certified in Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities

We have underwent Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities Training Course all the way from the United Kingdom (UK) to ensure that all the information we provide are backed by world class practices and based on 20+ years of experience. We don’t just provide training! Our expertise enables us to advise and create cleaning solutions that meets beyond the needs.

Sustainable housekeeping solutions for all your cleaning needs

With CMDA Training solutions, you will always get world-class housekeeping services in your hotel, office, restaurant or even at your own home. Cut costs on outsourced cleaning services, cleaning materials and toiletries. Create an efficient system for your housekeeping needs and help increase productivity in your place.

World Class

Our training modules are based on Southeast Asian Tourism (WASEAN) standards. All participants that undergo our course can provide world-class housekeeping service


Our courses include built-in continuous learning and transfer of all knowledge acquired to ensure that your housekeeping staff 5 years from now can also provide the same level of service as your first trainee


Whether it is just a cleaning staff or the whole housekeeping department, they can work with the rest of your organization in harmony, while performing excellent housekeeping service


Your housekeeping department can help streamline your operations, even if they are not involved directly with day to day front or back office activities


Class Formats


General Training Course

Maximum of 20 participants inclusive of certificate and light snacks. Given at our training room in Manila.


Customized Training for Household Helpers

Personalized housekeeping training for your household help making them efficient, reliable and effective.


In-house training

At least 10 participants, provide your own training area, customized training depending on your cleaning needs.


Customized Training for Offices & Retails

Highly customized and tailored trainings for your existing housekeeping crew or janitorial team.

For Companies

Tired of dealing with inefficient cleaning system of your housekeeping or janitorial department? We can ease the burden and establish the right process and put it in place.

For Homeowners

Constantly dealing with the tedious task of training and re-training your household helpers? Let us do it for you and we’ll have a cleaning process for your household. 

Specialized Courses

Cleaning processes like carpet cleaning, post constrcution cleaning, kitchen cleaning and restaurant cleaning are highly specialized types of cleaning. We offer courses for these.

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