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Household Chores Filipinos Hate Doing

We’ve asked Filipinos what household chores they love and hate doing. Some chores seem to be expected, others came out surprising! Check out the results below and see if you belong to the general group of Filipinos who love and hate doing these chores.

We sent out a survey in January 2023 and collected 106 responses over a period of 30 days. 67.9% of the respondents were women, while 28.3% of them were men. Majority of the respondents were between the age group of 36-45 years old (60.4%).

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Household Chores Filipinos Hate

  • Cleaning the toilet bowl – 75.47%
  • Cleaning someone else’s bedroom – 66%
  • Finishing the laundry (hanging, folding and ironing) – 56.5%
  • Cleaning the bathroom – 56.5%
  • Cleaning Pet Pee – 51.5%
  • Cleaning kitchen – 47.16%
  • Cleaning inside refrigerator – 42.45%
  • Cleaning the garage – 38.68%
  • Washing dishes – 37.73%

Household Chores Filipinos Love to Do

  • Cooking – 66.03%
  • Do the Laundry using washing machine – 47.17%
  • Cleaning your own bedroom – 42.45%
  • Sweeping the floor – 37.73%
  • Cleaning the sala – 36.79%
  • Wiping table tops – 33.02%

Household chores with Neutral take:

  • Taking out the trash
  • Vacuum floors

#1 Cleaning the Toilet Bowl

We have expected this result since when we were doing our research, surveys across the globe also show – “Most of us humans hate cleaning the toilet bowl”. Luckily, 78.3% of the respondents have someone to help them do their chores, which includes cleaning the toilet bowl.

The smell, the water in the toilet bowl splashing back (sometimes on your face), the yellowish stains within and around the toilet seat, and other horrific things we could add about the toilet bowl make most of us hate cleaning it. Some stains are even difficult to remove and the lingering smell of old pee drives some of us crazy.  Since it is part of the bathroom, cleaning the bathroom comes number 4 on the list.

There are already cleaning products that are specially made to clean toilet bowls. These toilet bowl cleaners do help in cleaning, but a “No Scrub” version is yet to be invented.

#2 Cleaning Someone Else’s Room

We don’t like the mess we did, much more someone else’s mess. Cleaning someone else’s room, even if it is for a family member comes number 2 on the list Household Chores Filipinos hate. 

We don’t know where their trash came from, what body fluids they left, and whatever other gross stuff they left in their room. We don’t want to know what other surprises we get from cleaning their room, so we hate doing it. After all, isn’t it suppose to be an adult’s job to clean their own room? The fact is, it is not always the case. Someone has to clean it, especially on cases where weird smells are coming from the room already, or worse, crawling and flying insects are already nesting there.

There are people who, despite the messy state their room is already, do not want others to touch their stuff, much more have it cleaned. But even your own home can make you sick, so someone must clean it.

It is a good thing we can hire professional cleaning companies like CMDA Cleaning Service to do such Home Cleaning.

#3 Finishing the Laundry

We love doing the laundry using a washing machine,it even falls on number 2 on Household Chores we LOVE doing. BUT, hanging the laundry to dry, folding the laundry and ironing clothes comes third in what we HATE the most.

With the number of laundry shops opening over the past few years, it really shows how people hate drying, folding and ironing clothes. We would rather send and pay someone to do our dirty laundry and receive it back after 3 to 5 days clean, folded and wrinkle free!

This could partly be due to the reason that only 44.34% of the respondents say they could manage their time doing chores. This may only include starting the washing machine, but doesn’t include the time hanging, folding and ironing clothes. With our busy schedule, the amount of time processing our laundry seems too much for us.

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#4 Cleaning the Bathroom

Removing stuck hair in the drain, removing yellowish-brownish stains on tiles, removing hard water stains on faucets, the list goes on, giving us a lot of reasons why we hate cleaning the bathroom.

Probably one of the biggest reason we hate cleaning the bathroom is the toilet bowl, which is number 1 on the chores we hate doing. It would be difficult to clean the entire bathroom without cleaning the toilet bowl. 

There are also stains that can’t seem to go away no matter how hard we brush. Are they really stains? Are they already molds? Or are the tile grout (tile adhesive) worn away? We have a separate blog article to help you with this.

#5 Cleaning Pet Pee

Cat and dog pee give out very strong odors, the smell lingers for a long time, and using bleach can’t seem to remove them completely. We hate cleaning up after our pet, that is why most of us let them out on the streets and let them do their business elsewhere. Little wee accidents even become horror stories when our fur babies pee on the carpet. Thankfully there are carpet shampoo services available. 

For cat fur-parents, they are lucky that cats use litter boxes instinctively. You can just simply open the box, scoop out the poop (and pee) from the sand on the tray, put back the box, and that’s it! The only dragging task is cleaning the entire box once a week to remove the lingering smell inside.

Dog fur-parents are not so lucky. Training their dogs on pee pads and hopefully the pup doesn’t miss the big target, replacing the pee pads when full, rolling the pee pad when there’s poop on it, and pray the pup doesn’t drag and play with it.

Filipino Housekeeping Practices

While some of us have a household helper, some who don’t have shown that they are happy doing the chores. Around 44% said they are happy cleaning their home and only 22% thinks it’s a drag. This would be because most of us know how to clean already (88.9%). From a very young age, we were already taught how to pack away our toys, organize our stuff and probably our parents have occasionally handed us a broom to help sweep the floor. Maintaining a clean home is actually part of our culture.

Despite having good housekeeping practices incorporated within us since we were young, some of us fail to keep our home clean. 62% of the respondents say they cannot, or are not sure, if they can manage their time to do household chores. With busy work schedules, heavy traffic going to work and returning home, who would have time to clean, right? But despite these set backs, we still try. 77.8% of the respondents said they have the right tools already. It could be in the form of robot vacuum, hand held vacuum cleaners like from Dyson or Deerma, and other common cleaning supplies we have at home.

Thankfully, there are solutions on how to work around these tasks like using good brands of cleaning products, or getting the service of a professional cleaning company.