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Restaurant & Kitchen Cleaning Service

Another service we offer (and we’re good at!) is restaurant, lounge, dining area and kitchen cleaning.


When the last table has been bused, the last meal taken out of the kitchen, and your last crew finally clocked out, CMDA Cleaners come in to do their work. We work on your schedules as we understand your hours of operation.

Restaurant and Kitchen CleaningHow do we clean your restaurant and kitchen?

Our cleaning team takes pride in their skillful ways of taking off grimes on your walls, floors and kitchen equipment. We use solutions that are stainless steel friendly, we use solutions on your floors and counter tops that are medical grade to ensure proper sanitation. CMDA cleaners will leave your restaurant and kitchen in pristine condition from top to bottom. Your crew will find renewed energy to work through their daily actions with a much clean, sanitized and scrubbed work areas.


How often should your kitchen be professionally cleaned? 

To maintain a highly compliant and sanitized kitchen, we recommend at least twice a month of professional cleaning. The package we offer when you opt for bi-monthly kitchen cleaning is budget friendly.

We would like to say though that what we offer is full deep cleaning of your restaurant and kitchen, there are some areas that we cannot do for you:

  • cleaning of the interiors of some equipment such as air condenser, air condition unit, range hood or exhaust.
  • cleaning of any equipment that should only be serviced by the manufacturer or else it will void it’s warranty.
This service is recommended to newly constructed or renovated restaurant space. Our team is highly experienced in cleaning restaurants and making sure it’s ready for a grand opening.
This service is recommended for any restaurant kitchen that’s already in operation. Your kitchen and kitchen equipment need a thorough cleaning and sanitation at least once every 3 months. This is to ensure that your area is safe for food handling and safe for your staff as well. You have the option to avail of kitchen only cleaning or with dining area cleaning.

Speak with our friendly administrator so we can help you with your concerns: 


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Restaurant and Kitchen Deep Cleaning Clients

Sanitation is part of the priorities of a very successful restuarant, and CMDA Cleaning Services has always been the preferred choice of big restaurants in the Philippines to help them in degreasing kitchens and passing sanitation inspections.