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The Most Commonly Used by a Room Attendant in Cleaning

Have you thought of maintaining your space like hotel  room attendants? Cleaning multiple rooms in a very short span of time? You may have thought about what “the most commonly used by a room attendant in cleaning” to help you clean your space better and faster.

Here in CMDA Cleaning Services, we also provide housekeeping training for homes, offices and hotel room attendants based on TESDA and ASEAN modules and curriculum. Our custodians who clean your spaces undergo the same training as the room attendants in hotels and are familiar with the most commonly used equipment and materials the industry use.

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The most common equipment and materials used by room attendants in cleaning

Basic Equipment and Materials

Room attendants bring along these basic equipment and materials in their cart. Apart from putting in new toiletries and replacement of towels (and hopefully fresh bed sheets and linens), they will always have these in their cleaning cart:

  • WASHCLOTH (basahan)



A vacuum cleaner is a room attendant’s best friend. It collects all the dirt without passing it around, as compared to a broom, and you can even use it in the bathroom to get those loose hair and dirt on the floor! It can get the job done fast so that the attendant could attend to other housekeeping needs of the room.

If you are thinking of using the same thing in your home, make sure to get a “Wet and Dry” vacuum. It has to be that way because they are designed to collect liquid particles without getting the vacuum motor damaged. Imagine breaking an expensive vacuum cleaner because you just randomly checked out one from the store.


Bringing in different cleaning materials will occupy a lot of space in the attendant’s cleaning cart. So what they do is just bring along a bottle  of concentrated multipurpose cleaners. Need to clean the toilet bowl? Pour in a cap full of multipurpose cleaner, soak for a few minutes, and then scrub and rinse. Cleaning the floor? Mix multipurpose cleaners with water, scrub and rinse. Using mutlipurpose cleaners in different concentration can help clean spaces faster. 

Hotels use industrial grade multipurpose cleaners, but the great thing about this is that there are cleaners that are as good as well and are available in your nearest sari-sari store, Lazada and supermarket. If you want to know the brand names of these multipurpose cleaners, you can check it out in one of our articles.


These other materials are used to help remove dirt, and most of all, dry up the space.

Plastic scrubbers will be your go-to for this one. Metallic steel brush scrubbers can leave scratches on your surfaces. Don’t forget to soak for at least five minutes before brushing away to save time and energy.

Use a washcloth that you are comfortable in using. If you don’t have experience with one, old clothes will do. If you are eyeing to buy one, get those Flannel Rag Cleaning Cloth, which doesn’t leave fibers or marks when used. Micro fiber washcloth tend to leave fibers if not washed well prior to use, so it is better to buy something you can use, grab and go.

We highly recommend Rotating Floor Mops which usually goes with the brands iMop and tornado mop. You can get them from your supermarket, hardware store or from Lazada. Rotating floor mops can easily wipe stuff on the floor, and is easy to  clean and dry.

These are not just commonly used by housekeeping and room attendants, but are also among the must have cleaning tools and equipment at home.


Need something cleaned?


When using multipurpose cleaners, especially bleach, it leaves an unpleasant scent (for most of us). Apart from that, there are some odors that are left even after we clean, like the musty smell in your refrigerator or ammonia odor in your bathroom. Using deodorizers and scents can change these.

Using charcoal, a slice of lemon or an opened box of baking soda can remove bad odors. There are deodorizing sprays as well that comes with your preferred scents. Keeping a good air circulation can greatly help as well. Keep in mind though that this could be a band-aid solution to your bad odor problems. It is still best to look for the source of the smell and clean it.

Room attendants use oil based scents to deodorize rooms. If you have noticed, different hotel chains have different room scents almost unique to them. This ensures that your experience in every stay you spend with them is the same. At home, you can use scents from sprays available commercially. Alternatively, you can use scented candles which lasts longer (and doesn’t come off strong to your senses). 


It would be difficult to clean something without water, unless you are just vacuuming the floor or changing the sheets. Cleaning solutions always need water to dilute them (unless they are ready to use, but would mean more expensive). Water is commonly used by room attendants by cleaning the bathroom, sink, toilet bowl, shower area and bathroom walls. Part of it is used with disinfectant to wipe surfaces, but rarely on the carpet floors.

Cleaning is a labor of love, be it done by a room attendant, or by you on your own home. It can be tiring at times, but there are always ways to help you with cleaning your space.