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Professional Housekeeping Training – Philippines

Get the most comprehensive and most professional Housekeeping Training in the Philippines for your office or home housekeeping staff!

We need people to clean our space, and we need them to do the job “right”. Some have hired their own cleaners, some hire from janitorial agencies. But there are times that the delivery and quality of their cleaning is not according to your standards. Housekeepers do not require any formal training before starting the job. Housekeepers are not required to have high school diplomas or a college degree, and training for housekeepers is done through on-the-job training. With a Housekeeping Training, you can get your housekeepers work in top performance!

If your are looking for a Housekeeping Training and Special Cleaning courses that will fit your home or office housekeeping needs (not TESDA and for-work-abroad), then you have come to the right place!

Topics include:

  • 5S of Good Housekeeping
  • Office Cleaning System
  • Safety at Workplace


HOUSEKEEPING TRAINING – customized according to your space’s needs

We don’t just give out generic “How To’s”, we customize the Housekeeping Training according to your office or home’s needs. We match our basic and principle Housekeeping training with how your home or office operates, making sure that your housekeepers optimally work with available cleaning materials and equipment.  We also provide recommendations to companies or individuals with what other materials and equipment they might need so they can be sure their space is well maintained.

We have trained housekeepers and cleaning crews from restaurants to corporate offices, and yes, even other cleaning service companies! We have received numerous positive feedback and success stories from them, which are the result of the Housekeeping Training we have provided.

“We thought that we were doing everything right, especially coming from the pandemic and lock downs, but people are still getting sick! Mabilis nauubos pa ang mga cleaning supplies at ang gulo gulo! But after I got my cleaners go through CMDA Academy’s Housekeeping Training, we noticed a better performance from our cleaners. We don’t spend too much on cleaning supplies anymore and I feel that the office is more organized. Salamat!”

Allan A.

Human Resources Manager


With effective Housekeeping Training, your cleaners cover more areas at less the time using effective cleaning techniques. You can cut on overtime fees, saving you hundreds or thousands of pesos in the long run.

Equipment and Material Management is part of our Housekeeping Training which can make you save on cleaning material costs and multiple equipment purchases.

Your investment on Housekeeping Training can cover up to 10 Housekeeping staff. Since it is also customized based on your requirement, you can let go of the fear that they might resign and work overseas, having you to hire new ones again.

Mas dumami clients namin and nabawasan ang reklamo at paulit ulit na gawa. Thank you so much for your help!”

Karla B.

Owner, Cleaning Company

Certified in Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities

We have underwent Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities Training Course all the way from the United Kingdom (UK) to ensure that all the information we provide are backed by world class practices and based on 20+ years of experience. We don’t just provide training! Our expertise enables us to advise and create cleaning solutions that meets beyond the needs.

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