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Cleaning Tools Equipment and Supplies for Home Cleaning

Home cleaning may sound simple as it is, until you can’t figure out what cleaning tools, equipment and supplies you need. It can be quite frustrating when you start cleaning an area and realize you got the wrong tool or lack the equipment to clean it.

A typical home in the Philippines would most likely have these tools and supplies, but it would be better to be prepared before starting your home cleaning.​

Need something cleaned?

Cleaning Tools, Equipment and Supplies for your home cleaning

  • Broom/Sweeper/Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Pail/Basin
  • Washcloths (Basahan/Pamunas)
  • Sponge
  • Scrubbers
  • Multi purpose cleaner (liquid)
cleaning tools equipment and supplies for home cleaning

Cleaning Tools at Home

Generally, when we talk about cleaning tools, these are generally items that we buy and use that doesn’t require power or batteries. At the same time, we use these items several times until they are no longer functional. Take for example the broom and mop – We buy them and use them for several months until there are no more bristles or hair on the broom, or the cloth on the mop is beyond washing.

Common cleaning tools that we use are brooms, dustpans, mops, long handle brush and pail or basin for storing water. Having specialized cleaning tools like squeegee (glass cleaner) and swiffers can help as well and make glass cleaning and wiping ceilings easier.

Here’s a tip: use rotary mops for faster mop rinsing and wringing. Just make sure to keep it dry when stored so it doesn’t rust and get stuck up. 

cleaning tools equipment and supplies for home cleaning

Rotary mops are very convenient is mopping and rinsing.

Cleaning Equipment at Home

Most cleaning equipment come with either a cord or a battery pack. This means the most common cleaning equipment is the vacuum cleaner, and having one is a must to get the home cleaning easier. It is actually one of the best and must have cleaning equipment since 2020.

An insane but true fact, dusting and vacuuming helps improve air quality. Aside from getting dirt around the floor, it filters the air as well. A huge help especially these days where we spend most of our time at home due to the pandemic and lockdowns.

cleaning tools equipment and supplies for home cleaning

A vacuum cleaner is better at cleaning compared to a broom with dustpan. 

Cleaning Supplies at Home

These are consumables that you use for cleaning and will mainly compose of water – it is going to be quite difficult to clean without water. Common supplies would include multi-purpose cleaners, sponge, scrubbers, and several washcloths.

Aside from water, your next best cleaning supply and will most commonly use is a strong multi-purpose liquid cleaner. It is an all around cleaner you can use from your bathroom to your kitchen. If you’re having a hard time looking for one, you can use an antibacterial dishwashing liquid – a component common in most liquid cleaner.

Here’s a tip: use different washcloths for different areas to avoid cross contamination. When working on hard to remove dirt and stains, soak the area with a concentrated amount of multi-purpose cleaner first for at least five to ten minutes before scrubbing it. This will help make scrubbing easier.

Cleaning accessories at Home

These are daily tools and supplies you use to keep you and your home clean and safe from infections. Of course, without saying, antibacterial liquid handsoap should be on the top of this list. With this pandemic, all of us should be washing our hands more regularly than usual now.

Another important accessory are good quality floor mats that keep dirt and microbes right at the door. It is best to leave one at the front door (better if you leave your shoes there – Asian style), beside the kitchen sink and in front of the bathroom door. This will keep and trap most of the dirt and bacteria on those areas only and from going around your home.

Floor Mat

Export quality floor mat

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