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How to Remove the Smell of Smoke in a Room

We have received several inquiries on how to get rid of cigarette smell in any room and so we thought a blog post should be written.

Here are some easy steps to follow to remove cigarette smell in your home.

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 1. Regularly clean out ashtrays.

Believe it or not, the ashes and the cigarette butts are emitting smell long after you’ve made the last puff.

2. Deep clean any upholstery and carpet in your home because these materials easily absorb smoke and its smell stays for long.

A normal pat and vacuum cannot remove the smell entirely, you need to have a steam cleaner at least and then shampoo and conditioner specific for the upholstery fabric. This is why it’s better to call on a professional cleaning service to do this part for you.


3. Wipe the rest of the furniture in the room with a disinfectant or an odor eliminator solution.

Make sure you do not ruin the furniture with the solution you’re using.


4. Wipe the walls and the ceiling with a disinfectant or odor eliminator solution.

Mirrors and glass windows should be wiped clean too.


5. If you’re still planning on smoking in the room, make it a habit to open the windows to lessen the accumulation of the smoke.

Air out the room after smoking too. Proper ventilation is key.


6. Place charcoal on inconspicuous areas of the room.

Charcoal absorb any smell really well.


7. Spray room freshener, burn an incense, light a candle or put on air purifier to cleanse the air.

These could all work depending on the degree of odor you want to rid of.



What are the best homemade cleaning solution to use?

1. Vinegar works really well with proper amount of water added of course. I like using bleach with water too.

2. Store bought bleach and all purpose cleaning solutions should work too but you should be mindful of the surface area you are cleaning as it can damage wood or other surface.

3. For glasses and mirrors, you can use dishwashing liquid and water.


Here’s a bonus tip!

After washing/wiping your walls, floors and furniture with bleach or vinegar, do another set of wiping using the following: water plus your favorite fabric conditioner. This will leave the room smelling so nice and fresh without breaking the bank (and damaging anything!).

So there you go, I hope this post will help you in removing those pesky cigarette smell. If not, just call us we’ll make things easier (and smelling great!)