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FUNKY FUR: Case of the Stinky Carpet After Cleaning

Dear CMDA,

I have just had my carpet in our living room cleaned. It was all good the first day, but things got smelly the following day and even smellier the succeeding days. I don’t have pets and I am very careful not to spill food or drinks on it. What should I do? The carpet cleaners wouldn’t re-do their work and they will charge us again if we wanted it cleaned “just to remove the smell”. We don’t want it cleaned, we just want the smell to go away. It’s now embarrassing to accept guests because of the stinky smell. Please help! Thanks in advance.


Need something cleaned?

Thank you Fanny for messaging us! We appreciate questions like these.

Carpet cleaning is not just all about how cleaning and reconditioning your rug or carpet floors, but also in the drying. A lot of fancy carpet cleaning professionals and carpet extractors sales agent boast of fantastic and excellent cleaning service when in truth, they miss another important part of the process – drying. The usual process of shampooing or cleaning a carpet is either sucking all the dirt first or go right ahead with the carpet extractor, which sucks the dirt, at the same time sends a jet of water with shampoo cleaning solutions. That is all well and good, but after that process, it leaves the carpet wet (or worse, soaking wet). The crew might place a blower to dry the carpet, but it will only dry up the surface, giving it an impression that “it is already dry”. The water that accumulated beneath the fabric will become breeding grounds for molds and bacteria, causing the funky smell.

The best thing that you can do Fanny is either you vacuum your carpet thoroughly again and spray deodorizers with antibacterial components, or, you could get the service of a truly professional carpet cleaning service company that uses foam wash only, like we do! It is indeed important to be very particular with the equipment being used when we avail of services, but we also need to be very particular with the process and skills applied so we will not be frustrated, and wasting money, in the end.

Because to be honest, an expensive vacuum or carpet extractor is no match to a skilled cleaner.

We hope we were able to answer your question. Good luck!

Reena Alcantara

Reena Alcantara


Reena, or “Renz”, is the owner and president of CMDA Cleaning Services. A work from home mom, loving wife and a mother of 2 girls, 2 cats and a dog. She is passionate about all things related to cleaning. She is a strong advocate of “Mompreneur” which enables mothers to be successful businesswomen. On her spare time, she looks for local suppliers and retailers to also help support small local businesses.

Reena is a Registered Medical Technologist, and also a graduate of BS Nursing. She knows the real deal about germs and the importance of health. Though she does not practice her field for 15 years, she believes that she could help more people be healthy in providing clean homes and offices.