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(TIP) Getting the Best Office Cleaning Service in the Market

Office cleaning may sound simple and you may have thought it has its own cogs and wheels working on their own. You have an in-house janitorial service hired, memo to staff in place to keep their workspace always clean, and posters placed to “Clean As You Go” (CLAYGO). Up until you see spaces that are still dirty, corners your housekeeping can’t reach. You start smelling something funky on the pantry, you see insects crawling around the walls, and the pearly white tiles of your comfort rooms become yellowish.

Having your office cleaned is as important as landing deals with big ticket clients, and the methods are almost the same. It takes planning and looking for the best practice to keep your office space clean, keep it clean longer and within the budget.

Since you may be not part of the housekeeping management team, or was only tasked to look for the “best” cleaning service company within your company’s budget. You start googling for cleaning service companies within your area and then request a quote from each of them. At that point, you get results that are almost Greek to you. Different companies, websites, prices and inclusions. How would you know which one is the best cleaning service in the market?

Need something cleaned?

Match the quotes with the office cleaning service you want and need

Like every product or service you find in the web, they all should come with specifications (specs), including office cleaning service proposals. Without looking at the rates and prices, check the inclusions or specifications of each quotation sent to you. Are they within the requirements of your office cleaning? Do they contain all or parts of your vision for your office cleaning? Are they detailed enough to paint a picture of how they will clean your office?

According to Karen Tiber Leland, an author of inc.com, her friends have made fun of her for whipping out her hand sanitizer after onsite meetings at clients’ offices. “You never know who has been touching what” was always her response. As it turns out, She was on to something. In light of the coronavirus outbreak, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is encouraging U.S. businesses to take a serious look at their in-office policies to contain the potential spread of the virus.

Cleaning requirements might come from government bodies, but they may already be available right under your nose. You’ll know what office cleaning service you need based on these requirements.

Office Cleaning service you need:

  • Floor cleaning in all areas (Vacuum, scrub where applicable, mopping and drying)
  • Wipe down walls and ceiling
  • Wipe cabinets, lockers and shelves
  • Vacuum upholstered items (chairs and couch)
  • Glass window cleaning
  • Wipe small and large office furnitures, appliances and machines
  • Cleaning and sanitation of entire office pantry
  • Cleaning and sanitation of toilet facilities
  • Empty trash bins and replace trash bags
  • Application of disinfectant solution on all processes
  • Deodorize rooms

Office cleaning steps you may also want:

Need something cleaned?

Check the office cleaning company’s background

Your office is striving to be professional and compliant, so why should an amateur clean it right? Your company doesn’t want to hire someone who isn’t qualified, much more for an office cleaning that should last for a long time.

 According to SafeGroup, one of the leading cleaning and disinfection company in the UK, the market (cleaning service industry) was being “flooded” by firms that lacked the experience or equipment to operate “safely or correctly”. Mr Broughton, SafeGroup boss, said the trend “worries me because something will go wrong”. His statement was reported by BBC news in this article

Some companies require documents during bidding processes such as company profile, business registration and permits. What are overlooked are: how long were they in business? Where did they get their training? What experiences have they accumulated to call them experts? Do they have samples of their work?

The bidding process goes on to find the cheapest out there that meets the requirement without considering the total background of the bidding company.  The price is not always right if the results are different.

Requirements you need:

  • DTI/SEC registration (at least 3 years registered)
  • Business Registration (at least 3 years in business)
  • FDA approval certificate of the cleaning materials used
  • Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) of cleaning materials used
  • Images of recent work (Before and After photos)
  • List of previous clients
  • Performance reviews
  • Number of manpower provided
  • Type of equipment used (broom or vacuum? carpet extractors?)


Requirements you may also want to request:

  • Basic Occupational Safety and Hazard (BOSH) Certificate
  • Cleaning and Housekeeping training (TESDA or Cleaning Masterclass)
  • Materials and studies proving that the cleaning solutions are effective
  • Materials and studies proving that the disinfecting solutions can kill bacteria and viruses

Finding the best office cleaning that fits your budget

Office cleaning service companies are (and should be) open to negotiations to work within the budget of your company. As soon as you have identified exactly what cleaning you need or an occular inspection has been done, the service can be restructured to meet around your budget. The cleaning service company will find it difficult to provide a quotation that matches the expectations if they don’t have an idea what the place looks like.

Given these details, you can get the value of your company’s budget’s worth. If there are any amount beyond the working budget, they can be justified and detailed with your management team. Given that there are not warranties provided by cleaning service companies, at least your office gets a cleaning experience that made a different, and a disinfection protection that last for some time.

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Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!

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