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8 Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks that Really Work

A lot of us have been struggling lately on how to balance work productivity with safety and office cleaning. Virus active cases are rising, new curfews set in place, strict minimum health standards that prevent more people from going to the office, even though the vaccine is already on the rollout.

All these means that the cleaning lady or the janitors will not be back in full force for your office cleaning anytime soon. Now you may have been tasked as well with keeping the office cleaning and maintenance, and on a specific budget.

Thankfully, you have landed on the right page where you can get effective office cleaning tips and tricks that really work, curated, and provided by a professional cleaning service company.

Need something cleaned?

Effective Office Cleaning Tips

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom
  2. Use an air purifier
  3. Use different mops
  4. Use a powerful multi-purpose cleaner
  5. Spray odor counteractant
  6. Install insect bait and trap
  7. Make trash bins more visible
  8. Hire a professional cleaner on a scheduled basis

People will litter less and throw their trash in proper trash bins more if they can see the trash bins, and, if they see more trash bins.

Invest in a Vacuum Cleaner

Dust is a common cleaning problem when it comes to office cleaning. No matter how you sweep them at the end of the day, you will find them again the next day. Having a vacuum cleaner on standby can easily get all that dust in no time. 

You can invest in a small handheld vacuum cleaner from your favorite online store, so you can store it almost anywhere in your office, and easily use it whenever you need it. They are very easy to operate, and you can designate someone to use it even without training.

You can also opt for a hydrovacuum cleaner that you can just plug and power on the whole day. It sucks in dust and small particles and traps them in water inside their canister. It is a bit pricey but does a lot of work in dust prevention tricks for your office cleaning.

Hydrovacuum Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Hydrovacuum Cleaner sold in Lazada.

Use an Air Purifier

As with the first tip, air purifiers help in preventing and controlling dusts around the office. Not only does it keep the air clean, but it can also remove stale odors and foul scents. It is a good compliment with the vacuum cleaner to ensure that suspended dusts do not reach the floor.

The great thing about air purifiers is their ability to filter more than just dust. Air Purifiers that are also available in your favorite online store can filter and absorb formaldehydes, smoke, and volcanic ash. Some come with ionizers as well to inactivate bacteria and viruses.

Air Purifier Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Air Purifier sold in Lazada

Use Different Mops

This tip might sound expensive, but you will learn soon that this is more cost effective and hygienic when it comes to office cleaning. Using different mops in different places in your office does a better job and saves more time. Imagine walking more distance with a mop and pail just to clean up a small mess?

Most studies and reviews found that cross-contamination is one of the office cleaning challenges that most office workers encounter in the past few years. Odors and dirt from the toilet can be seen in the reception area and sometimes food particles from the pantry can be seen in the meeting room. Having different mops prevent this from happening.

Multiple Mops Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Use a Powerful Multi-Purpose Cleaner

One of the secrets of successful cleaning service companies is using an industrial grade multi-purpose cleaner. It can remove almost all stains and can really clean most surfaces. Thankfully, there are commercial counterparts that you can easily buy from the supermarket.

Common commercial multi-purpose cleaner brands are Mr. Muscle, Mr. Clean, Domex and Lysol to name a few. We have listed other brand names of chemicals for cleaning in one of our recent articles.

The trick in using multi-purpose cleaners is to wet the surface to be cleaned, spray or apply the multi-purpose cleaner, and soak/leave it for at least 5 minutes. Chemical cleaners need time to work on the stain and dirt. If you scrub or wipe the surface immediately, it will give you a hard time cleaning it.

Multi Purpose Cleaner Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Spray Odor Counteractant

In any given space there will always be unwanted odors coming from different sources. You may have done the previous tips and all the cleaning techniques you know, but that food from last week still lingers around the pantry. Spraying an odor counteractant will get rid of those ghosts of past cleaning.

Odor counteractants work by chemically neutralizing the air from the byproducts of Nitrogen coming from spoilt food, decaying materials, and urine to name a few. You can buy effective counteractants in your favorite online store.

odor counteractant Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Install Insect Bait and Traps

Presence of crawling insects indicates poor office cleaning management. Apart from the dust and dirt, you must clean and remove these insects that seem to be almost everywhere in your office. Insect sprays can do only so much, and you want these out of sight, not dropping dead in the middle of the floor.

Thankfully, there are insect bait and traps available online and at the supermarket. They attract the insects and kill them within the trap. No extra cleaning needed, and you just need to replace the traps after a month or two.

insect trap Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Baygon Insect Bait and Trap

Make Trash Bins More Visible

Behavior in throwing trash relies heavily on individual, contextual demands, such as having plenty of trash cans readily available for public disposal, do play a role. In a study about waste management, people will litter less and throw their trash in proper trash bins more if they can see the trash bins, and, if they see more trash bins.

People tend to use excuses like “I can’t seem to find a trash bin so I just left it on the sink” or something, just not to throw their own trash properly. But when there are visible trash bins, they are more encouraged to throw not just their own trash, but any other trash around it. Having an exposed trash bin can be unsightly but the benefits outweigh the aesthetics.

more trash bins Effective Office Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Schedule a Professional Cleaner for your Office Cleaning

Getting a company or someone to do your office cleaning twice or thrice a week can save you a lot of money and trouble in keeping your office clean. You can either purchase the cleaning equipment and train your cleaning lady to do the cleaning three times a week, or you can have a worry-free office cleaning experience in hiring a professional cleaning company.

Purchasing the right equipment and training someone takes time, effort, and money. This pandemic is not permanent either. Temporarily hiring a professional can solve your office cleaning problems until your office is in full operation and your in-house janitors are back. We have given some tips on how to get the best office cleaning service in the market in one of our articles.

Professional and Effective Office Cleaning

Whether you are working from home or already reporting in the office, we’re all facing the struggles of balancing productivity and keeping our workspace clean. We hope these tips helped you somehow. For more tips and tricks in cleaning, visit our blog section.

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