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The 5 Least Favorite Cleaning Tasks of All Times

Are you a clean-and-organize freak like us?

Well, hello there! We are sure there’s little that you can relate here but if you’re someone who’s tired of some cleaning tasks, take comfort as others find it their least favorite task in the world too.

We went around asking friends and family what cleaning tasks they hate the most and here are their top 5 answers.

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 1. Cleaning the floors, baseboards, etc

This is probably the top 1 of the most dreadful cleaning tasks from all that I’ve asked. Mopping a very dirty floor is not enough even if you use the handy easy dry mops available in the market. You need to get down on your knees and scrub the dirt away. Mopping, in fact, is just the finishing touches. You mop when you’re done scrubbing and washing the floor. You can apply sanitizing solution on your floor using a mop to make it really clean.


2. Cleaning the bathroom/comfort room 

Here’s where you really get down and clean all the grimes away. Oftentimes, toilet solutions are very harsh in the eyes and skin so it’s not advisable to use at home when you’re not used to using them.


3. Cleaning the cabinets under the sink

These are the usual areas where bugs, cockroaches and whatever tiny pests live. It’s a must that you clean it at least once every 2 weeks or as often as you can.


4. Organizing

When things you own pile up, it’s hard to move but it’s harder to go through all your stuff and pick which ones to keep and which ones to put in the throw or donate baskets.


5. Wall cleaning

I hear ya. Imagine scrubbing your entire walls to get grime and dirt off it.

How about you what are your least favorite part of cleaning your house?

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