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How to Do a Proper Office Deep Cleaning

Not happy or satisfied with the office deep cleaning done by your in-house janitor team or from an outsourced janitorial service agency? While cleanliness sometimes depends on “the eye of the beholder”, there is a process on how to do a proper office deep cleaning. If you are looking for an expert’s opinion (and that with 10 years experience) on how to do that, check out our steps below:



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Schedule your Office Deep Cleaning

Your office housekeeping team might be missing out on cleaning opportunities because of a bad schedule. Doing a deep office cleaning while employees are working can be detrimental to both the employees and the cleaning team. It is recommended to do an Office Deep Cleaning monthly or at least quarterly, during times where there are no employees (weekends) and with ample lighting (daytime).

The right schedule would let your cleaning team spot areas that need more attention, work on improving the cleanliness of an area and efficiently carry out the deep cleaning without distractions and interruptions.

Do a Personal Ocular Inspection

Run through the cleaning details with your team to plan out how you will carry out the Office Deep Cleaning. This is also best done with someone who is not part of the in-house janitorial team so you have another set of eyes that can spot areas you might have missed.

Planning an office deep cleaning can be overwhelming. Getting an overview of your office from top to bottom, left to right, you might overlook some areas that need more attention. It could be as simple as carpet stains, cobwebs on the ceiling, or stained grout in the washroom. Getting through the details with your cleaning team gets them more on board with the task at hand.

Assign Specialized People to Do Specialized Tasks

Almost everybody knows how to clean, but not everyone knows how to shampoo carpets or polish floors. Check your team who specializes in which and let them do the task to get the best office deep cleaning results. You may have encountered carpet stains or floor dirt that persists despite repeated office deep cleanings. You may get frequent responses like “it’s been there for several months already, it’s really hard to remove” or “I didn’t see that last time”, which all means you don’t have the right person for the job. You might need to have someone go through a specialized housekeeping training for this.

Need something cleaned?

Set a Budget for the Office Deep Cleaning

The Office Deep Cleaning budget is different from your daily or monthly overall cleaning budget. Your daily office cleaning is just to maintain the cleanliness in your office, but an office deep cleaning activity comes with a mission in restoring the cleanliness and requires a special budget. You will need to buy extra cleaning materials or rent out some cleaning equipment such as stain removers, ladders, vacuum cleaners and carpet extractors, materials you don’t regularly use for daily cleaning.

You might need extra people to make sure the cleaning will be done on time. Any shortage in the budget may cause poor results and delays in the cleaning.



Outsource your Office Deep Cleaning

If you find the above steps tough for you, you can always contact a cleaning service company or a janitorial service agency such as CMDA Cleaning Services to do the office deep cleaning for you. You can schedule an ocular inspection and cleaning with them. They should have specialized cleaners to process special areas and they should be able to provide an office deep cleaning that is within your budget.

These outsourced cleaning companies can help identify key cleaning problem areas in your office that your in-house janitors have been too “familiar”, “complacent”, or just can’t seem to deal with.

Outsourcing cleaning jobs, even if you already have in-house janitors, is a common practice worldwide. You need people to “make your office clean” and you need people to “keep your office clean”.

Doing an Office Deep Cleaning shouldn’t be an arduous task for anyone (not even the cleaning team!) if proper planning is made. Most of all, remember why you are doing an office deep cleaning in the first place:

  • Make your office more productive
  • Help make your employees healthy and safe in the office
  • Encourage a cleaner and safer workplace 
  • Protect and restore company assets
  • Align the office environment with the company’s mission and vision