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Stop Virus and Bacteria From Spreading in Your Classroom

How many times have we responded on frantic calls of teachers and school owners to disinfect their classrooms as 4-5 students had pink eye or sore eyes? Too many to count and too many to be taking it sitting down.

It’s not just the pink eye, there’s also hand-foot-mouth disease.

Need something cleaned?


If your child has the pink eye, don’t let him or her go to school anymore. Virus spread like wildfire and for kids it’s even worst. Instead, manage your child’s viral infection at home and keep the child well rested.

Now, if you’re one of the parents who’s had their child infected from a classmate…. it’s time for a clean up.


Not just a clean up but one that will kill virus and bacteria.

We are offering a thorough clean up of classrooms using medical grade sterilization and disinfectant solution. This process is effective and has as excellent tuberculocidal and high-level disinfection capabilities.