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Protect Your Home And Office From Dengue and Zika Virus

Protect your home and office from Dengue and Zika virus

With the recent emergence of the Zika virus and the world wide concern about the disease is causing worry and anxiety to a lot of people, especially in the Philippines where the carrier of the virus, the Aedes mosquitoes, is also the carrier of the Dengue virus – causing Dengue hemorrhagic fever that claimed 511 lives in the Philippines in 2015, with over 160,000 suspected cases. This is a 59.9% rise in cases compared to 2014, which means, more on more people fall victim to this disease, and increases the probability of contracting the Zika virus as well.

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Currently there are no vaccines or cure for the Zika virus, however, Dengue virus vaccinations are soon to be available in the Philippines. The only way to prevent them is to make sure your home or office is mosquito free.

Tips on how to protect your home and office

Deep cleaning – the mosquito can hide in small crevices and cracks of the doors, walls and ceiling. It is best that you clean every inch of your place and disturb the hiding place of the mosquitoes. Include the cleaning of the roof, mezzanine, attics and ceilings in your cleaning list. Adding a mosquito repellent in your cleaning liquids may help in warding them off after cleaning. These mosquitoes breed on stagnant clean water accumulating around your house or office. Make sure that your yard, balcony or terraces   (and your neighbours) doesn’t have anything that accumulates water (ie. Water drum, pails, basins, bottles, etc). If ever they do and you need them there, make sure they are covered.flea-30753_1280

Pest control – If the mosquitoes in your place are already swarming out of control, it is time to consult with a professional cleaning service and/or professional pest control service. Simple repellents (citronella oil, mosquito coils or liquid insecticides like Baygon) may not work anymore and a thorough wipe out of insects may be required.

Mosquito repellents – As soon as your home or office is already clean, keep the mosquitoes away by placing repellent measures. Plant Citronella plants/grass around your yard, or in pots around your balcony. If your plants are thriving already, you can harvest the leaves (cut the leaves but leave some at least 6 inches from the ground), boil it in water and use the yellow liquid to spray around your home. This can be a cost effective measure as well. You can also buy mosquito patches for your kids from the grocery to help them ward off the insects when they go to school or the playground. Citronella oils are now available in small stores located in the malls.


There are circumstances that you or someone in the household is allergic to chemical cleaning agents and pesticides, or, have respiratory diseases like asthma, making the cleaning and repelling process difficult for them. It may also cause immediate harm even without being bitten by a mosquito. The best approach to do this is by using organic cleaning solutions and organic pest control. Contact us today to learn more about our deep cleaning with organic pest control to start protecting your home and office immediately.