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Post Renovation Cleaning Tips

Doing a post Renovation Cleaning can help you appreciate your place more after a general home or office make over. Part of that slight dissatisfaction that you feel after a renovation, even after spending a lot, is basically due lack of a proper post-renovation cleaning. This is practically normal in most cases as construction contractors are experts in building and construction, but not in general deep cleaning. So to avoid frustration and lashing out at the contractors, check out our post renovation cleaning tips below:


Schedule your post renovation cleaning on the actual last day of construction


Need something cleaned?

If you are going to do your post-renovation cleaning days prior, chances are, you will not appreciate the cleaning as contractors and their crew will keep on walking around doing the finishing touches. Dust and dirt will just keep on moving from one place to another. You will also be paying more for the cleaning since they will be re-doing the cleaning for several days.

Doing your post renovation days after the last day would make you and the construction contractors miss opportunities to fix construction related issues like paint drops on floors, which, the contractor could easily clean since they would always have a paint remover with them. Other issues like hardened cement drops on places where there shouldn’t be, can be a challenge for the cleaning company, but easy for the contractors. Some construction defects can only be seen after cleaning, so having these 2 spaced out even just by a day will spell trouble for you.

Having your post-renovation cleaning right on the last day is like attending an orchestra, 2 different expert companies, different people with different skills, all working together to produce a work of art – your home or office.

Have a project buddy

Having a project buddy takes off a huge burden on you. Divide the tasks and progress of your renovation with a project body, up to the post construction cleaning to ensure that every aspect of it is attended to. Not only is this efficient, this would also help you enhance your project and provide a third perspective regarding how your renovation would look like.

Sometimes your ideas may not be the best for the place, sometimes the ideas of the contractor does not fall under your preferences, but having a project buddy gives you a third set of eye to check if the colors and concepts are balanced. Your project buddy can also speak in your behalf while you are busy with earning the money for the whole project.

Hire the right people, get the right equipment

You have to admit to yourself that you cannot do the post-renovation cleaning by yourself, or only by one person, much more hiring people without the right skills. A lack of skilled workers plague the service industry, even in construction and houskeeping and cleaning. Similar to when you first started with the renovation, consult an expert in post-renovation cleaning. This will ensure that your place are free of dust and post renovation odors such as paint.

Having the right equipment plays a huge role as well. Having a broom and dustpan will only transfer the dust all over. Having the wrong mop would make your floor dirtier. Having the wrong cleaning chemicals may damage your wooden floor, bathroom tiles or walls.

Creating the optimal atmosphere for the occupants

Basically, a post renovation cleaning is enhancing the place to ensure that the health and safety of the immediate occupants are taken into consideration. Kids and people with respiratory problems cannot immediately move in as paint odor, saw dust and concrete powder may still linger all over the place. Employees may experience respiratory problems if the same concerns are present in the newly renovated office. Several issues and factors may arise if a post renovation cleaning is not done, and most especially if not done by a professional.


If you are having a home under renovation, an office being renovated or even an entire building newly constructed, call an expert in post-renovation cleaning like CMDA Cleaning Services.

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