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Post COVID Cleaning Service

Protect your colleagues and assets with a Post COVID Cleaning service

Having a colleague catch COVID is difficult, for both the colleague and the company. This will bring a lot of stress and anxiety to everyone, but can be easily addressed with a post COVID cleaning service.

A good and effective post COVID cleaning service includes:

  • Timely cleaning and disinfection
  • Correct cleaning materials and products
  • Effective disinfectant and method/technique
  • Protected crew
  • Additional steps to prevent damage to office equipment
  • Additional steps to prevent further infection

If you have questions or unsure if you need a post COVID cleaning service, contact us today! Our rates vary depending on floor area, location of the space to be cleaned and disinfected. Get in touch with our Service Officer now:

Experienced in Post COVID Cleaning Service

We have been cleaning and disinfecting spaces even prior to this pandemic, and have used products and techniques that have been proven worldwide to kill the virus and other infectious organisms. As this pandemic progressed, we have continuously provided services to ensure a clean and safe environment to everyone (see our COVID-19 story and update).

We know the effectivity of each cleaning and disinfection techniques – from wipe down disinfection, to fogging, to eletrostatic disinfection. We offer all methods and we provide sanitation consultation for each of our COVID cleaning service.

 Our disinfectants are Philippine FDA and US CDC approved to ensure maximum effectivity in killing any potential viruses and bacteria in your space. Couple with our expert disinfecting techniques, we guarantee peace of mind for your and your company or family. 

Post COVID Cleaning Service
post covid cleaning service

Fully protecting our team, and yours

We ensure we meet the minimum health standards set by the government, your building administration, and beyond. Our team arrives complete with utility suit, overall PPE, face mask, face shield and gloves to ensure everyone’s protection.

We also follow proper disinfection protocols based on practices used by hospitals and bio-research labs to make sure don’t transfer any virus or bacteria from one place to another.

To ensure that we are on top of our team’s health and safety, we have provided them in-house board and lodging, at the same time, a dedicated vehicle to transfer them from our office to yours.


Trained to handle infectious wastes

We ensure our expertise and professionialism from start to finish, that is why part of our training is handling and managing infectious wastes. We want to lessen your anxiety by moving the responsibility of managing infectious waste away from you and into our hands. 

During a health crisis, infectious control and infectious waste management cannot be avoided, that is why during this pandemic, it is best to hire a professional that knows how to handle them and also provides post COVID cleaning services.

Post COVID Cleaning Service
post covid cleaning service

Updated RT-PCR test result

Aside from the minimum health requirements, we ensure that our team are constantly checked and monitored. That is why we always carry out Rapid Test (RT-PCR) every month.

We don’t just offer cleaning and disinfection, we also offer trust and peace of mind. To do that, we make sure we are on top of our custodian’s current health status, for any current, recent or past infections from covid, and have reliable results ready for those who require them.

Book your post COVID Cleaning Service today! Our rates vary depending on floor area, location of the space to be cleaned and the services included. Get in touch with our Service Officer now:

CMDA Cleaning Services - A trusted name in Cleaning and Disinfection Services

As a company certified in Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities from the Cleaning Masterclass in UK, our clients trust and prefer our services in all their cleaning, disinfection and housekeeping needs. We deliver beyond the basic cleaning, disinfection and housekeeping services you require and expect. If you have any sanitation questions and request, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today and let us help you create a cleaner and safer future, together.