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Post Construction Cleaning in Manila

What is post construction cleaning? 

It’s the thorough cleaning of a space that has undergone renovation or construction. This type of cleaning will leave your space ready for occupancy and conducive for whatever the purpose of the space is.

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What does it take to do a post construction cleaning? 

More than the tools, solutions and equipment that one can bring to a post construction clean up, the skills of the cleaners are the top requirement. Post construction cleaning is not your ordinary run in the mill household clean up because you will have to be extra detailed when cleaning a space that has construction debris. Not to mention dusts that have long settled in the nooks and crannies of the space need to be removed and cleaned. Of course during post construction cleaning you will have to deal with paint smudges, grimy and oily hand prints from the workers, etc.


How long will it take to have a post construction clean up? 

It depends on several factors like the size of the area, degree of work needed, is the space already furnished or semi furnished. It could either take 4-12 hours.