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Post Construction Cleaning in 2021

Businesses are re-opening, pending construction work resumes, some offices innovate their spaces to adapt to current requirements as the economy re-opens in 2021. COVID-19 vaccines are starting to roll out, but the threat of the virus is still there. Are there any changes in the way post-construction cleaning and post-renovation cleaning are being done this year? Are there steps that remain unchanged?

Most owners and clients would think “the construction contractors can already do it”, “we’re using new materials that have not come in contact with the public yet”, or “we can do the cleaning ourselves after”, only to find things in contrast with their statements after.

Faced with challenges on sanitation after construction or renovation, owners and clients hire professional cleaning service companies that specialize in post construction cleaning. Discussions between them begin with what cleaning requirements they need, and then they negotiate the rates. What exactly are the requirements for a good post construction cleaning?

Need something cleaned?

“We love looking at new things, but we do not want to know or smell the details on how they were made.”

Key Post Construction Cleaning Elements

  • Removal of Construction Dusts and Small Debris
  • Counteracting Odors and Filtering the Air
  • Enhancing and Protecting Surfaces
  • Preparing the Space for Occupancy

Removal of Construction Dusts and Small Debris

A newly constructed or renovated space amazes us. We love looking at new things, but we do not want to know or smell the details on how they were made. Seeing dust and small debris on newly constructed surfaces is an eye sore.

“We love looking at new things, but we do not want to know or smell the details on how they were made”

Construction crews are great in building things, but definitely post-construction cleaning is not their specialty. There will always be leftover sawdust, unmixed tile sealant powders, and dust from cement or concrete from drilling things on the wall. Common dust is made up of 50% dead skin cells, so imagine dozens of construction workers walking through the same space in a day and how much dead skin cells they shed.

To get these removed during a post-construction cleaning, you need to use a vacuum. It would be best to use a hydrovacuum to ensure that all the dust and small debris are trapped in water within the vacuum canister. This prevents the dust from flying all over the place, or worse, exiting from the vacuum, making the task harder.

To ensure you got everything, mop and wipe surfaces with moist fabric containing a mixture of multi-purpose cleaner and water. This also sanitizes the surface as well, and covers the limitations of the vacuum cleaner – walls and ceiling. As a final touch, run all surfaces with the vacuum. This technique applies to all areas in the newly constructed place, including the toilets and washroom.

Counteracting Odors and Filtering the Air during Post Construction Cleaning

One of the key indicators we use in determining if a place is newly constructed or renovated is the smell. The smell of fresh paint, laid out concrete and cut wood tells us that “yes, this space is new, I can smell it”. It may be good to some, but can be a nightmare to a few, especially those who suffer respiratory problems. Again, we love how it looks new but we don’t want to know and be reminded how it was made.

You can counter post construction odors by again, using hydrovacuum cleaners. Switch on the hydrovac without the hose and let it run for an hour. It will suck in and trap all the odor causing chemicals present in the air within its water filled canister.

Investing in a hydrovac can help you purify your space even after the construction phase of your space. You can buy hydrovacs in Lazada, or your favorite online stores. We have actually curated the Best Cleaning Tools to use in 2021 in our blog.

Hydrovacuum Cleaner sold in Lazada.

Enhancing and Protecting Surfaces

Have you noticed how dull a newly installed aluminum or stainless-steel sink looks like? This is also the case with mirrors with dried drops of water or construction materials. There are surfaces that the contractors cannot enhance, practically because they may not have the equipment and were not trained to do it.

Enhancing surfaces includes use of stainless-steel cleaners to make sinks, bathroom and door fixtures, lighting fixtures and other metallic surfaces shine more. Using professional glass cleaning liquids remove blemishes on mirrors, glass walls and windows. Furniture polish also works wonders with wooden surfaces like tables and chairs. All these liquid cleaning products contain chemicals that can protect the surfaces as well.

What sets professional cleaning companies apart is how they use professional products like these and how they go beyond your usual post construction cleaning checklist.

Preparing the Space for Occupancy

Now that the newly constructed or renovated space has been cleaned and sanitized, preparing it for occupancy is the final step for your post-construction cleaning. This includes removal of plastic covers of furnitures, packaging of appliances, and most of all – disinfecting the space.

Imagine the number of individuals that walked into your newly constructed space from the start to finish. The chances of one or some of them leaving contaminants like bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus, are high. Some of these can stay on surfaces for a long time.

In January 2021, a 5-star hotel in Boracay started disinfecting their facilities after at least 15 of its personnel tested positive for the new coronavirus. To think that this happened during a time where there are hardly any tourists visiting the island.

There is already a technology invented that can protect surfaces from bacteria, fungi and viruses. Applying a disinfectant film or disinfectant shield such as CMDA Nano Microbe Shield that can kill bacteria and viruses on contact 24 hours a day, up to 30 days, can help protect surfaces and individuals from getting infected.

Changes in Post Construction Cleaning in 2021

This pandemic has emphasized more of the importance of cleaning and disinfecting your newly constructed or renovated space. Removing dust and debris is not just what you want to expect from a post-construction cleaning. Aside from creating a space where people can rest or work, the post-construction phase now must include creating a safe space as well, and this applies whether you organize it on your own or hire a professional post-construction service company.

Establishing a point where your newly constructed space has been cleaned and disinfected can help in your measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. At this point, you may incorporate other measures as well like installing alcohol dispensers, embedding foot bath sanitizers, and installing signages to help promote safety in the space.

Cleaning and disinfecting doesn’t stop after the post-construction cleaning. Keeping your space clean through regular sanitation and scheduled disinfection is important as well. If you need some help on that, we have written something in our blog for your Office Cleaning Essentials this 2021 too.

Post Construction Cleaning and Disinfection

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