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Office Cleaning Tips from a Professional Cleaning Service provider in Manila

For a small or medium office, it’s either the liason (messenger) doubles as an office cleaner, or no one at all. We all think that for a small business, it’s not necessary to have a regular cleaning staff – it’s an additional cost, the office doesn’t seem to be dirty everyday and where will you stow the cleaning equipment and materials right? But somebody has got to do it (cleaning the office), and that somebody might be you.

Need something cleaned?

cleaningOffice cleaning can be tedious and time consuming, depending on how clean (or dirty) it is. But there are ways to get the office clean, and there are steps that might just impress your boss and co-workers.


Tip #1 – Timing

The success of your office cleaning depends on how many (or few) the foot traffic is. The best time to clean the office is at the end of the business day or weekends. No one crossing the floor you just cleaned, no litter bugs filling the trash and no need to re-do the areas you have already cleaned.

Tip #2 – Start from the top

The ceiling and hard to reach top cabinets are usually the least noticeable areas in your office and the less likely to be cleaned regularly. They are hardly noticed but would send a wrong impression to the boss and visitors, if ever they look up. Start from mopping, wiping or dusting the ceiling and the top shelves or top of the cabinets. Let the dust and dirt fall because you can get to it later.

Tip #3 – Soak

The secret to an easy office cleaning is soaking (and having the patience to do it). Soak all the utensils in the pantry in a pail filled with liquid dishwashing soap. Generously spray Mr. Muscle surface cleaner on tiles and toilet bowl and let it stay for at least 20 minutes. Soak the blinds with the same surface cleaner as well. Spray liquid disinfectants (ie. diluted Lysol disinfectant) on walls and let it stay for 10 minutes. After all the soaking is done, rinse or wipe the surface and they would look professionally cleaned!

brushingTip #4 – Brush and Blow

A small brush can give big wonders on keyboard tops, decorations and wall corners. A brush can clean hard to reach areas, especially fragile ones. If you have a vacuum that can double as a blower, blow some air into CPU units, corners of the wall (and the ceiling), underneath heavy appliances (like refrigerators or heavy cabinets with bases), to easily push the dirt out and vacuum it more thoroughly.

Tip #5 – Enforce (or re-enforce) a system

Ask your co-workers to help in cleaning, or at least maintaining the cleanliness, of your office. Ask them to file-as-you-go to ensure no paperwork gets lost or ends inside a trash bin. Ask them to use spill proof mugs to avoid carpet, table and wall stains. Have them keep their own work area clean and organized all the time. These few steps (and a memo to inform all staff) will go a long way to keep your office clean.


Not all offices are the same and there are no templates on how an office should be. But there are ways to clean it without employing regular man power. Involve the whole company since everyone will be affected if the office becomes dirty. If the work and business demands does not offer time for cleaning, professional office cleaning services like us can provide a one time deep cleaning session and we can also do it a monthly thing.