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Increase Your Condo’s Rental Value or Market Value

Are you a real estate agent or do you lease your own properties?

Here’s some good tips for you to increase your properties’ rental value or market value:

  1. Inspect every inch of it 

You can’t fix it if you don’t know it’s broken so look at every inch of your property and take note of things that need fixing. It has to be flawless as much as possible because a single flaw means less on its value. We are not even talking about the decoration but the “inside” of your property like termite infestation, deteriorating built-in furniture or shelving, and especially to areas that are hidden because buyers often look at those areas and if they find something not good, it will definitely pull your value down.

Need something cleaned?


2. Time to look at the interiors

You may hire a pro to help you with the design but if you want to save on some money on professional fees, you can arm yourself with knowledge through research and Pinterest! Professional help though is what I will recommend because you the reputation of the pro will increase the value even more.

Also, it’s all about the paint! Be sure to pick colors that are relaxing and conducive to resting. Your professional designer should be able to help you with this one too.

And put fresh flowers on simple vases to really light up the place and exude a good vibe; we all want that, don’t we?

3. Keep it clean, fresh and smelling good

Easy to do, you think? Remember buyers can be very picky with properties that they buy and cleanliness is on top of the list of things to consider. We understand this and to help our clients who want to rent or sell their properties, we issue a certificate of cleanliness to those who avail of our services for a one time full on cleaning. This certificate is then displayed on the property to let the buyers know that it has been cleaned and sanitized by professionals.