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How to Keep a Clean Home?

So finally, you’ve had your home cleaned and feels so good (and probably smells good too!). I think I feel the same way with having new and crisp linens! You are now just basking in your home’s cleanliness and then you realize (and slightly panic), what should you do to keep it that way for a longer period of time? Here’s some tips I can give you:

Need something cleaned?

1. Do the following everyday: 

  • wipedown all your countertops with a disinfectant or all purpose cleaner
  • wipedown the kitchen sink every after using it
  • sweep the floors
  • take out the trash

2. At least once a week, do the following: 

  • wipe down all of your appliances
  • scrub the toilets, tubs, sink and showers
  • clean the mirrors
  • dust furniture and shelving
  • change the bed linens
  • do the laundry
  • vacuum carpets, rugs and upholstery
  • mop floors with disinfectant or all purpose cleaner
  • clean fans
  • clean windows and blinds

3. At least once a month, do the following: 

  • clean inside of your microwave and oven
  • clean the kitchen and bathroom cabinets
  • scrub the tile grout (or regrout when necessary)
  • wipe down doorknobs with disinfectant
  • have air con checked and cleaned
  • disinfect your garbage cans
  • clean fridge and check for expired items
  • clean pantry and check for expired items
  • clean desk, drawers and restock if needed

Adapt a clean as you go attitude and impart this with all the people living with you. These are just few things that could apply to your home. Follow them and you’ll surely have an organized and clean home!