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How Often Do You Need to Clean Your Home

Hint: It depends on your living and cleaning habits. 

With the recent pandemic and lockdowns, a variety of people became “clean freaks” – worried that the coronavirus might enter their home and make them sick, they clean and disinfect spaces every thirty or so minutes. While others stayed with their old ways and just cleaned “when needed”, which usually translates to “it’s so dirty I have bugs and rats as roommates”.

As cleaning experts for almost a decade already, as well as one of the leading people who give out housekeeping training to home and office cleaners, we are sharing below our professional advice on how often you need to clean your home.

Need something cleaned?


The best practice to make sure your home is always clean, is to have a Home Deep Cleaning first, and then maintain it on a regular basis. It would be hard to maintain the cleanliness of something that was not that clean to begin with.

No matter how fast or long it takes your space to become really dirty again, maintaining the cleanliness of your space will be difficult if there are “extra” spaces you need to clean during your routine cleaning. With regular and proper maintenance, you would only need to get a home deep cleaning every 3 months. 


Now that you’ve deep cleaned your home, you can either hire a professional cleaner to clean your home weekly, or, get yourself organized with your home cleaning. Some “professional organizers” and “clean freaks” suggest cleaning every 15 minutes, setting up a timer with specific cleaning goals. However, with our busy lives, this is certainly not doable, unless you work from home and have the time to do such.

To help getting things more organized, we have listed below our recommended cleaning schedule to keep your home always clean:

  • Balcony: Twice a month
  • Toilet and bath: Twice a week
  • Bedroom: Once a week regular cleaning / Once a month deep cleaning
  • Living Room: Once a week
  • Kitchen / Dining Room: Daily (keep pests away)
  • Garage: Twice a month
  • Air-conditioning: Filter – once a week / whole unit: 2-3x a year
  • Refrigerator: Once a week regular cleaning / Once a month deep cleaning
  • Microwave / Ovens: Once a week regular cleaning
  • Bed: Bed shampoo once every 3 months / dispose after 6 years
  • Sofa / Couch: Sofa shampoo once every 3 months / dispose after 7 years
  • Carpet: Carpet shampoo once every 3 months / dispose after 10 years
  • Vacuum every other day to keep dust and dirt to a minimum. Vacuuming collects them instantly in a container, unlike a broom which moves them to spaces hard to reach.

Need something cleaned?


Occasionally, you will need to clean up some things as soon as possible to avoid stains or future cleaning problems. 

They include:

  • Colored liquid (ie. wine, coffee) spills on carpets, beds, sofas, chairs
  • Chemical (ie. paint, alcohol) spills on carpets, beds, sofas, chairs, wooden floor
  • Food scraps falling on the table, counter, floor
  • Body fluids from you or your pets (ie. blood, snot, saliva)


Chlorine Bleach

With all these, it goes without saying that you need to take away the trash at the end of the day to keep pests away. While some of these are difficult to remember, you could bookmark this page, or hire a professional home cleaning expert such as CMDA Cleaning Services.