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How CMDA Cleaning Services Can Help You In Your Fight Against COVID-19

This health crisis has been causing anxiety and paranoia to a lot of people, especially in the sanitation of their home and the health of their family. The coronavirus has changed our society into a “New Normal”, with minimum safety precautions set and with dozens of adjustments in our daily routines. It has become a challenge, and for some, a battle to prevent the dreaded disease from coming to their employees, offices, families and home.

CMDA Cleaning Services has been through this battlefield, and continuously help families, organizations and offices, in keeping their place clean, and offering sustainable solutions to ensure that the “New Normal” works within their favor.

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We have disinfected several places and surfaces already, from Quarantine Rooms, cars, homes, offices, up to an International Cruise Ship! Yes, this is how versatile our disinfection service options are – from pat down surface disinfection, fogging, ultro low volume spray/mist, to electrostatic disinfection. Utilizing Quaternary Ammonium Chloride disinfectant chemicals which proven efficient since the SARS outbreak. All our processes and chemical solutions are FDA and WHO approved, for your peace of mind. 

We also ensure that we are tough on viruses and bacteria, but gentle on the people utilizing the space we disinfect. This also includes our beloved pets and house plants. Our disinfection process does not give respiratory problems, even just minutes after application. We also ensure that all electronic equipment and gadgets will be functioning well.

(Disinfecting Costa Atlantica July 2020)

Home and Office Deep Cleaning

We know the importance of a clean and safe environment for your family and colleagues. Our expertise has originally been professional and thorough cleaning of homes, condo units, offices, restaurants, warehouses, churches and other areas, small or big. During this time, our deep cleaning involves wipe down of surfaces for disinfection as a removal of bacteria and viruses. 

To ensure that we get the job done, all our cleaning chemicals are FDA approved and are proven to clean surfaces, while at the same time we ensure that all occupants will not get any other ailments such as dermatitis and respiratory diseases.

Our customized approach in deep cleaning ensures it fits exactly, and sometimes even more than, what the clients need.


Free Foot Powered Alcohol Dispensers for Offices

We provide a free foot powered alcohol dispenser when your availment of our disinfection service reaches a certain amount (which usually most of our office disinfection services reach). As one of the minimum health requirement, disinfecting your hands through hand washing, alcohol or hand sanitizer, we ensure that the offices we disinfect is one step ahead towards meeting this by providing such tools.

We have helped several offices already and have given dozens of foot powered alcohol dispensers already, that we now add a free air purifier on their next disinfection service. For our home cleaning clients, we provide nano mist spray to help sanitize the air in their humble abode. We have provided all these extra measures so that even if our team is not present, there are still tools in their area that can help sanitize their hands and surfaces, and be COVID-19 free.

Do you want to learn more on how CMDA Cleaning Services can help you, your family, or your office fight against COVID-19? Send us an email at inquiry@cmdacleaning.com, or call/text us on any number mentioned above. Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!