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Home Cleaning Services in Antipolo

Get reliable, trustworthy and hardworking home and condo cleaning service in Antipolo to create a home you love to live in and just the way you want it. Cross a major chore off your to-do list by letting us take care of the house cleaning. Then savor the pleasure of knowing your whole home has been cleaned by a professional team you can trust. Our comprehensive cleaning includes all your rooms, kitchen, toilet and bath, windows, walls and balcony/terrace if you have. On every visit, your CMDA cleaners will dust, vacuum, wash and sanitize each of your rooms. Using our equipment and BFAD & FDA approved, environmental friendly cleaning solutions, your cleaners will cleanse from left to right and top to bottom, so no detail is ever overlooked. Our teams follow a meticulous cleaning process that we developed, practiced and put to heart.

Who are the cleaners? 

Each of our cleaners are personally trained by us, experienced, honest and reliable cleaners. We personally know all of our cleaners, they and their families are part of our own family. We have a strict process of hiring because we don’t want to let “just anyone” inside your homes and invade your privacy. What set them apart from your regular household help is that they are skilled from experience of cleaning hundreds of units, offices, spaces and areas. We make sure they are also updated with the latest tips and secrets in the cleaning industry so that they improve in their work and become more efficient. You can trust that they know what they are doing. We also use tested, environment friendly, BFAD approved, and industry grade cleaning solutions to help us clear out not only dirt and dusts but germs caused by virus and bacteria. Providing you a true deep cleaning service.


You can also call us on the following numbers: 994-7870 | 650-9018 0917-144-2632 Email us at : inquiry@cmdacleaning.com

What’s a typical home/condo deep cleaning like? 

All rooms will be cleaned and sanitized 

  • Dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling to walls
  • Spot clean the walls
  • Vacuum carpets or any other upholstered materials
  • Wash all floors and dry wood floors
  • Vacuum furniture, including under any cushions
  • Empty and clean ashtrays and wastebaskets
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Clean windows and curtains (screens too if you have them)
  • If you want to change your bed sheets, just leave it by the bed and they will make the bed/s for you
  • Cabinets can be cleaned with supervision of owner or authorized representative
  • Simple organization

Note: There are scratches in walls that may look like dirt but in fact these are scrapes that will never come off unless you have your walls repainted. Most of the time, cleaning and scrubbing them will damage your walls even more. Our cleaners will inform you of these.


  • Clean appliances, counters, cabinets, cupboards
  • Clean, scrub and sanitize kitchen sink
  • Clean cabinet under the sink – grease trap included if you have any
  • Clean and sanitize counter tops and back splashes
  • Clean the range top and refrigerator top and its exterior
  • Clean all kitchen top appliances
  • Clean dining table and chairs
  • Wash & sanitize kitchen floors

Toilet & Bath

  • Clean, scrub and sanitize showers, bathtubs and sinks
  • Clean and sanitize vanities, back splashes and toilets
  • Clean mirrors and glass panels to remove water marks and calcium
  • Polish chrome furnishings (shower heads, bidet, faucet)
  • Wash floors and tile walls
  • Sanitize entire area (including drains)
  • Deodorize (we use odor counteractant)

Note: There are far too old water stains or hard stains that cannot be removed by any of our solutions and tools. Our cleaner/s will inform you if they encounter it.

Living Room

  • Move furniture to clean dirt underneath
  • Wipe clean all furnishings and appliances in the living room
  • Vacuum sofa/couches/carpet
  • Dust picture frames, knickknacks, ceiling fans, lamps, furniture, woodwork, shelves and baseboards
  • Remove cobwebs from ceiling to walls
  • Vacuum carpets or any other upholstered materials
  • Clean light fixtures
  • Door frames will be cleaned
  • Living room appliances will be carefully cleaned
  • Displays will be carefully cleaned

Balcony, Windows

We only clean the interior side of the windows especially for condominium and high rise buildings. If this is a house, we can definitely clean high windows using scaffolding but that would incur additional charges.

Your team will bring all the necessary cleaning materials and BFAD approved solutions for you. For high ceiling and walls that might require scaffolding to reach and properly clean the areas, will incur additional charges.

There’s a whole lot difference in our deep cleaning package than the basic cleaning using the Handy helpers. Deep cleaning package will entail far more details in cleaning and the hours are longer with a fixed and agreed upon rate.

Fogging | Insect Pest Control Service


Kill all known household insects, including molds and bacteria, without leaving any foul or chemical odors. Best when deep cleaning is done after fogging/misting to clean up insects that fell dead after minutes of fogging.


Assessment: (1-5 mins) check where to direct machine. Open all cabinets and bedroom/CR doors (if condo). Open electric fans to better circulate the mist.

Initial Misting: (3 – 5 mins) deploying of initial mist

Cool down: (15 mins) Let fog/mist circulate and fill the room

Secondary Misting: (3 – 5 mins) deploying of secondary mist to ensure room is saturated

Wait time: (45 mins – 1 hour) wait for this time period before entering the area

Total Duration of Fogging only: 2 hrs

Total Duration of Fogging with deep cleaning: 1 hr and 30 mins for the fogging and then add cleaning time of 3-6hrs depending on the size of your home/area.