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Home Cleaning and Feng Shui Tips – Decluttering Your Home in The Year of the Monkey

Like in every New Year, out with the old, in with the new, for prosperity. If you have missed making a general cleaning last new year (before January 01, 2016), it’s never too late, you still have the Chinese New Year on February 8. Cleaning a home is no easy job, even if we have helpers. It is so hard to achieve that perfect clean, and we’re not just talking about sanitation here, but also arranging your home to promote health and harmony. After all, this is where you and your family gather together. We must always try our best to make it a source of health, wealth and prosperity to every person living in it.

Need something cleaned?

Cleaning is a process of removing anything unwanted in a space. Home Feng Shui is also a process of re-arranging (or redesigning, if necessary) your home to ensure that the right energy flows accordingly in your house. In order to these, you must do some preparation first:


Choose the best time you think you can accomplish this without any interruption. This will depend on your schedule, and the duration may vary depending on how big or small your house is. It doesn’t have to fell like going to a battle; you can always contact us to schedule a home cleaning service in your place.

Prepare the materials

To avoid interruptions, have all the materials ready on the day of cleaning. These would include a broom (or a vacuum), dust pan, mops, wash clothes, liquid disinfectants, and other sanitizing solutions.

Determine what must stay and what must go

As you move along your home, make a mental (or written) note of what items should stay (and just needs re-arranging), or what should be in the garbage bin already. As a regular Feng Shui note, anything that is already broken either carries negative energy or doesn’t help in promoting good energy at all. Also, anything older than 6 months that are not being used anymore, other than antiques, ceramics, statues or figurines, should be disposed off already.

As soon as you have all these prepared, it’s now time to clean your home.


Tip #1: Setup a cleaning altar, or a mini central command post in your house

This is where all the magic cleaning begins. The basics of a Feng Shui space cleaning altar are wood and fire elements. This would mean a simple wooden table and a candle or incense (scented) on top, and then you can put all your cleaning materials under it. Every time you need anything, you can go back to it and it will make sure that anything you need will be there, including something to calm you from possible stress and frustrations in cleaning.

Tip #2: Be sure you are calm and clear about the ordeal

Any tedious task can be stressful, and starting in a less than light mood would make the whole process unsuccessful. Start early, eat well before going about cleaning your place, put up some music that will energize you.

Tip #3: Start from the door or the balcony and then your windows

This will ensure that the entrance to your home, be it for a person or energy would enter harmoniously and provide circulation of energy. These entrances are most of time neglected because they think the areas inside are more important, and the notion that the doors and windows are always exposed to the elements. Cleaning them will not only make your home feel more inviting, but it will also help you find a better perspective on life.

Tip #4: Move and rearrange

When cleaning any part of the room, make sure to move objects like refrigerators, moving cabinets, beds, gas ranges and the likes and clean everything underneath them. Dust and accumulated dirt in these areas are stagnant, which means energy does not flow through them. These might be some areas that are stuck in your life, so cleaning them would really help. Rearranging some of these object might give a better flow of Chi in your place, like a cabinet slightly blocking the door, or a stove being too close to the refrigerator that might be a fire hazard. This cleaning session might be an opportunity for improvement as well. If certain areas in your house looks bare, place small potted plants to make those areas more vibrant and refresh the energy of those places. Green plants are the best as it symbolizes the energy of new beginnings – perfect for the new year!

Tip #5: Think Zen!

The whole purpose of this is to make things relaxing for you from that point forward. Think zen and be inspired of the endless possibilities you and your home could achieve. But if the thought of cleaning your home is stressful enough, you could always get someone to clean them for you.


Feng Shui and Home cleaning is an art and a process. If you want more Feng Shui advice, get in touch with a friend who practices it or knows someone trusted to recommend. For home cleaning, you can always trust CMDA Condo & Office Cleaning Services, a trusted name in home and condo cleaning for years.