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Hard Headed Stains: Hard Water Dilemmas

Dear CMDA,

I just want to ask, how do you clean the stain droplets that appear on our glass windows and faucets? Even some of our bathroom tiles have that dried circles that can’t seem to be removed no matter how much I brush it, or dry it. I’ve tried using the strong toilet and bath cleaning solutions you mentioned, but they don’t seem to get away. Please help!


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Hi Raine,

Thank you for your question, and for being a loyal visitor on our site.

Those droplets and circular stains that you are mentioning are called “Hard Water Stains”, and are caused by the tap water that comes out of our faucet. Unfortunately, all our water supply provider delivers hard water through our pipelines. Hard water contains small amounts of metals and minerals, which when they accumulate and dry up, would cause those hard to remove stains. Simply put, regardless of what commercial cleaning solution you use, as long as you rinse using hard water, those marks will always appear. An immediate solution to this would be cleaning with the same cleaning solutions, soak it for 15 minutes, but rinsing with distilled water. On your next home deep cleaning, you can also try rinsing the glass windows or faucets with vinegar, squeezed calamansi or lemon.

Thank you so much and we look forward to your next message to us!

Reena Alcantara

Reena Alcantara


Reena, or “Renz”, is the owner and president of CMDA Cleaning Services. A work from home mom, loving wife and a mother of 2 girls, 2 cats and a dog. She is passionate about all things related to cleaning. She is a strong advocate of “Mompreneur” which enables mothers to be successful businesswomen. On her spare time, she looks for local suppliers and retailers to also help support small local businesses.

Reena is a Registered Medical Technologist, and also a graduate of BS Nursing. She knows the real deal about germs and the importance of health. Though she does not practice her field for 15 years, she believes that she could help more people be healthy in providing clean homes and offices.