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Electrostatic Disinfection: Global Trend in Disinfection and Fighting COVID-19

Companies and organizations across the globe are shifting from regular spray disinfection to Electrostatic Disinfection. You can see this trend from Google’s search trend, increasing demand in purchase of the electrostatic disinfection machines, and increasing demand of the process in home and office spaces. A cleaning service company in Canada is bombarded with this service request since the start of the pandemic, this is the method of choice for schools in South Carolina, USA, even the Airlines and hotels implement ‘electrostatic spraying’ to fight the coronovirus. So why do top companies now prefer this more than the regular spray disinfection? Is there any difference between this process and the rest?

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What is Electrostatic Disinfection?

This is a disinfection process using a machine that sprays disinfectant in microdroplet form (fine mist) that are also statically charged. This would mean that the disinfectant will stick on anything, like viruses, including surfaces. The droplets are so fine and the process is very fast that people can breath in already even just minutes after the application. 

The electrostatic charge is so strong that it will look for other surfaces near it that are not yet covered. Manufacturers claim that the particles are charged for up to 30 days, but even if it would just last for a 2 weeks, it would mean that the disinfectant can continue to kill the coronavirus dropping on surfaces longer.

One of the great feature of the machine is that the user can fill in any disinfectant, but of course the manufacturer recommend using disinfectant solutions that are approved by agencies like FDA, CDC and WHO, and has a worldclass track record of killing viruses like Quaternary Ammonium Chlorides.

Delta Airlines staff disinfecting the cabin using a handheld electrostatic sprayer – photo from Delta Airlines / sfgate.com

Why Electrostatic Disinfection?

One of the main features of electrostatic disinfection is coverage. It can cover a wider areas and hard to reach areas thanks to the charge. Gravity nor surface shape does not dictate where the disinfectant will land, so this ensures that there are no surface missed. When you want to disinfect an area, you want to make sure that your disinfectant covers all surfaces, and this could prove quite difficult if the liquid is colorless upon application.

Another feature is called “ultra low volume” dispersion. This allows the dispersal of the disinfectant without making the surface “too wet” which could be a cause for short circuit of appliances or damage to paintings and furniture. There are already other non-electrostatic devices that utilizes this feature.

“Basically, when you want to disinfect an area, you would want to ensure that the disinfectant kills the virus, and there are still enough disinfectant in the surface to kill potential viruses that might drop. You are protecting not just the people but also the assets.”

In the Philippines, only a handful offers Electrostatic Disinfection, and we, CMDA Cleaning Services, are one of the few that offers this type of disinfection service. We also offer pat down, fogging (bac2zero), UVC sterilization and wet disinfection but we always recommend that more and more people use electrostatic disinfection to utilize its benefits.

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Let’s all be well and healthy, wear a face mask, wash our hands frequently, maintain a 1-2 meter physical distance to non-family members, and stay at home if we can. Stay covid-free!