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Do In-House Office Cleaner Need Housekeeping Training?

The short answer: YES. 

The office environment is a dynamic space that changes along with the current local and global health situations. Your office cleaner should be equipped with ways on how to help keep all employees healthy and safe, not just with vacuuming floors wiping surfaces. 

Your office cleaners may have been directly hired or through a cleaning agency, and they may be equipped with the basics of cleaning, using a vacuum and a few cleaning tools and materials. Do a quick survey with them and ask: How often do they update their knowledge in cleaning? Do they help prevent infectious diseases that can come in contact with the office water, air and surfaces? Are they ready for the next housekeeping and health concern?

If the feedback you get from them is “never” or “rarely”, then you might not be getting the full potential of your office cleaners. They are supposed to be one of your frontliners when it comes to preventing office accidents and health concerns.

Housekeeping ain’t no joke.” 

– Louisa May Alcott


There are new cleaning products and equipment available in the market right now that can help clean your office better and faster. If your office cleaners are not updated with using them, chances are, they are using more time in one section of your office, or, your office is not entirely clean at all.

There are cleaning agents that work better now compared to your cleaning powder years ago. With the right technique, your office cleaners can clean surfaces faster. There are vacuum cleaners that could clean the air as well. 

Cleaning and Organizing is a PRACTICE, not a Project.

- Meagan Francis


Have you noticed that, in every health crisis scenario in an office or building, whether it is real or in the movies, office cleaners are the first to leave the scene. Why? Because of fear and worry that if they get sick, no one will compensate for their loss of income and hospitalization. However, if they were equipped with Infectious Disease Management, they would know what to do to prevent it: Always wear a face mask and gloves. If it is airborne, switch on air filters. If it is water borne, disinfect and dry surfaces, and so on.


Regardless of compensation arrangements, if your cleaners know how to prevent these diseases, they will become your allies in keeping your employees safe and healthy.


Apart from lifestyle diseases and infectious diseases, office accidents contribute to a number of reasons why employees are unable to perform well at work. A slip here due to water, a trip there due to debris, asthma due to molds, and a lot more. Cleaning just for the sake of “cleanliness” is not enough anymore. Integrating safety in cleaning is the trend now, and it doesn’t cut it if the cleaners only know how to “clean”.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.”

Marie Kondo

There are a lot of housekeeping training materials available online to help upskill your office cleaners, but if you need a more comprehensive housekeeping training with live demonstration, give us a call and get you started right away! Our Housekeeping Training is based on years of actual experience in cleaning homes and offices. We include updated cleaning agents and equipment in our training to help ensure your office cleaners are up to date with the latest technology to keep your office clean and safe, at least the time.

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