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Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Service Near You

The Best and Worry-free Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Service Near You

Food and beverage establishments are usually high traffic areas, and kitchens tend to accumulate oil and grease. Recognizing this need of the industry, CMDA Cleaning Services is working hard to provide Michelin level of commercial restaurant cleaning service near your place. Our restaurant cleaning involves detailed removal of dust, dirt and grime on serving areas and glass walls, and including the use of industrial grade degreasers to restore kitchen stoves, tiles and floors. 

We help create a dining atmosphere that serves fresh and excellent food. We help create kitchens that becomes a place where art and food collide.

Trusted and preferred by the following world class restaurants in Metro Manila and in the Philippines:

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Dining area with peace of mind

Aside from good food, a clean dining area gives a good impression to customers. From glass walls, partitions, signages and counters, dining customers may scrutinize your place at the back of their mind. Questions like “when was this place had a general cleaning?”, “what kind of disinfection process do they use?”, “is it safe to eat here?” can come to their mind before dining-in. Our commercial restaurant cleaning service can sweep those questions away, and more.

We use industrial grade cleaning products, from multi-purpose cleaners, disinfectants to degreasers. Our disinfectants are FDA approved and US CDC approved, tested for all kinds of infectious organisms and proved effective even before the first SARS outbreak in 2002. Even until today, our products and services has proven effective in cleaning and disinfecting restaurants all over the metro.

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Kitchen cleaned to create masterpiece

We have been cleaning commercial restaurants and kitchens for almost a decade already, and in our experience, the kitchen is where the battle is. Battle to create good food, and battle to remove grease, sticky dirt and hard to remove oil splatters. Our industrial grade degreasers, partnered with our expertise, can clean the kitchen and restore its former glory. Creating a place where masterpieces are made, and good, clean food is guaranteed.

Our detailed kitchen cleaning covers from the top to bottom, which includes the overhead hood case, ceiling, wall tiles, kitchen counters, stove tops, oven interiors and kitchen floors.

Book your Commercial Cleaning Service today! Our rates vary depending on floor area, location of the space to be cleaned and the services included. Get in touch with our Service Officer now:

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CMDA Cleaning Services - A trusted name in Cleaning and Disinfection Services

As a company certified in Cleaning & Infection Control in General Facilities from the Cleaning Masterclass in UK, our clients trust and prefer our services in all their cleaning, disinfection and housekeeping needs. We deliver beyond the basic cleaning, disinfection and housekeeping services you require and expect. If you have any sanitation questions and request, we would love to hear from you! Contact us today and let us help you create a cleaner and safer future, together.