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Cleaning agents at home (Pinoy Edition)

Are you just about to get started with your home cleaning in these lockdown periods? Your first step would most likely be looking for cleaning agents at home. This is not just any home, this is YOUR home, and so you want to make sure you know what’s available for cleaning immediately.

Getting familiar with the cleaning agents can help you finish faster, and of course, ensure surfaces are cleaner. Since home cleaning is already a “chore”, we will save you from the technicalities of terms and descriptions of each cleaning agent.

Need something cleaned?

Cleaning Agents at Home

  • Multipurpose cleaners
    • Lysol
    • Ajax
    • Mr Muscle
    • Zim Cleanser
    • Domex
  • Bleach
    • Clorox
  • Dishwashing liquid
    • Joy
    • Axion
    • Smart
  • Alcohol
    • Isopropyl Alcohol
    • Ethyl Alcohol
Cleaning agents at home

Cleaning your home

If you got any of each cleaning agent mentioned above available, all you need are a broom, washcloths (basahan), sponge and a plastic brush to go with the cleaning products and get you started.

Getting organized is the best way to go through with this chore. Start off with the area you least visit or use – balcony or bodega, and end at the most visited – bathroom or kitchen. Start with dusting surfaces. Using a dry washcloth, wipe walls and ceiling, cabinet surfaces, tabletops. Sweep the floor (a vacuum cleaner will make this easier and more thorough). Then you can wipe or scrub off stains with your cleaning products.

cleaning agents at home

A vacuum cleaner is better at cleaning compared to a broom with dustpan. 

Preparing your Cleaning Agents at Home

Each of your cleaning products have instructions written at the back of their container. It is best to follow the intended use and dilution of each cleaning product so you can clean better and save time and money.

Most cleaning products come with a good cap to help you measure how much of it you need to put on a certain amount of water.

  • Bleach (Clorox) – 1 cup (250 mL or 16 tablespoon) + 5 liters of water
  • Lysol Multi-action cleaner – 3 capfuls (60 mL or 4 tablespoon) + 1 liter of water
  • Mr Muscle Multi Purpose cleaner – ½ cap (120 mL or 8 tablespoon) + 5 liters of water
  • Ajax Multi Purpose cleaner – 2.5 capfuls + 900 mL of water
  • CIF All-Purpose Cleaner – use as it is
  • Domex Multi Purpose cleaner – 1 cap + 1 liter of water
cleaning agents at home
cleaning agents at home

Use the recommended mix so you can wipe and clean surfaces at home, remove dust, and sanitize your place. Just don’t mix two different products to make it seemingly stronger because each product has a different active ingredient that could create chemical reactions bad for us.

As soon as you get the dirt and stains removed, rinse surfaces with regular tap water to remove cleaning residue. Leaving traces of the cleaning product on surfaces can damage the surface itself.

Dry the surface immediately to get rid of excess water that could also possibly damage your surface. You can do this by wiping a washcloth or mopping the surface, or airing out the area.

cleaning agents at home

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