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Best Cleaning Products On-Sale after 10.10 [or to look out for on 11.11]

If you’ve missed the latest 10.10 Sale on Lazada and Shopee, don’t worry because we got you covered on cleaning products that are still on sale, or you can watch out for on the e-commerce stores’ Pay Day Sale and on 11.11 Sale!

We have curated the best cleaning products available online. Most of these product were rated 4 stars or more, sold the most online compared to other stores selling the same product, and come from reputable sellers. We have personally tried most of these products (we use some in our cleaning projects!) and we highly recommend you use them.

Please note that CMDA Cleaning Services did not receive any compensation, affiliate bonus, or sponsorship from any store, company nor e-commerce site mentioned below. All statements we provide are purely based on our experience using the product, or based on the accumulated feedback and review of the products.


Need something cleaned?

Mighty Extreme Toilet Bowl Cleaner – 500 mL

Everybody wants to make sure their toilet bowl are sparkling white – always. But there are times that we skip the regular weekly cleaning and stains start to stick on the toilet bowl. To easily clean toilet bowls, professional cleaners recommend using a good toilet bowl cleaner, give it a few spray, soak for 5-10 minutes, scrub a bit and rinse, and that’s about what you just need in cleaning your toilet bowl.

The Mighty brand of cleaning chemicals is gaining popularity, despite little to no exposure on mainstream media. This local company in Bulacan has secretly been a household favorite, thanks to their affordability and availability on e-commerce stores.

Stainless Steel Cleaning Paste

Cookware stains are as hard to remove as bathroom stains, no matter how much brushing and scrubbing you do. You may have tried using baking soda, vinegar and lime/lemon to no avail. Thankfully there is a specialized (and  afffordable) product available online! Apply this oven and cookware cleaner paste on your cookware (dry), leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and then scrub. After rinsing, you will notice a big difference in your cookware immediately!

We have personally tried this with our pots and pans and we have seen good results, especially when used on the insides of the cookware. We had to do a double application on the bottom of the pans (part in direct contact with flame) to lighten the stains. Using this product is definitely cheaper than buying a new cookware.

Need something cleaned?

Oil Stain Remover

Over time, your range hood and back splash tile accumulate oil and eventually you will see some yellowing or browning on them. These oil becomes sticky and can attract dusts and dirt, making them harder to clean. Searching online, you may have found that baking soda, vinegar or lemon doesn’t seem to work either. Thankfully there is a handy and affordable solution for that. This oil stain remover, or commonly known as “degreaser”, help remove oil stains on range hoods, back splash, ovens and grills. Just spray on the surface, soak for 5-10 minutes and then wipe it off.

This product comes as a spray, making it different from the stainless steel cleaner mentioned above. It is easier to apply and may include just a minimal scrubbing on some parts, depending on the thickness of the oil stain.

Beewax Wood Polish

It is common in every home to have wooden furniture or have wooden ornaments around. It’s stylish, it has a general appeal to everyone, and it feels like it’s a must. However, wood is sometimes hard to maintain. They rot if the environment is wet or humid, their varnish turn white when alcohol or other cleaning solutions drop on it, they event get termites when untreated. It is a good thing that there are products such as Beewax to help clean, protect and polish our wooden furniture.

Beewax wood polish, when applied, pernitrates the wood and fills the gap that moisture and dirt could possibly enter, making the wood product weatherproof. Unlike varnishes, beewax is odorless and doesn’t sting your skin and eyes.

Rotary / Spin Mop

This is a cleaning equipment that we personally use in our cleaning projects as well. Having one of this is the best cleaning equipment investment you can make. It is very easy to use and does the same job as any conventional mop out there. The main feature of the rotary mop is its ability to rinse and dry within the same basin, without your hand touching the cloth! Parts of the set can be purchased separately as well in mall harware stores or online stores.

The rotary or spin mops came into the local scene when iMop and Tornado mops were introduced in the market, specifically in department stores and mall hardware stores. They cost more than P1,000.00 back then. With the infiltration of cheaper (but durable as well) copies in the market, the price went down, and more household started switching to this type of mop.

Your can also get the replacement mop head on Lazada and Shopee.

Mr. Muscle Multi Purpose Cleaner

This multipurpose cleaner is really known for its powerful cleaning action. just mix a capful in a bucket of water and you can almost literally already clean your whole house, bathroom included. Though Mr. Muscle is not the cheapest, we’ve included it on this list because you will not find a multipurpose cleaner this good that is also priced as such per gallon (1 gallon = 3.7L). Other multipurpose cleaners will seem to look cheaper (P200+ per 2 L) but their price per volume is far from what Mr. Muscle offers.

In our cleaning jobs, we dillute concentrated  industrial grade multipurpose cleaner. When clients ask for recommendations, we usually mention Mr. Muscle and other brand names of chemicals for cleaning.

Need something cleaned?

Grill and Oven Cleaner (Degreaser)

Another product that we use is this Grill and Oven Cleaner works wonders on stainless steel surfaces, stone tiles and even on toilet bowls and sink. It may look expensive (almost P500 per gallon) but it really work wonders on your stainless steel and stone surfaces. Just spray a few squeeze (concentrated) and leave it for 5-10 minutes, wipe or brush a few times, rinse and that’s it!

Be careful not to spill this on wood, not to mention on your skin, as it contains acid that can damage some surfaces and irritate your skin. As a rule of thumb, when cleaning your home, always wear gloves.


Triangular Wall Mop

This is a very good cleaning tool to use to clean your ceiling and usually unreachable parts of your room and wall. This particular product is more stable compared to similar products in the market.

Though we recommend using a Swiffer (brand) to clean more surface area, it triangular wall mop can clean corners better than the Swiffer. The mop head is replaceable and can also be bought online.  


Deerma Vacuum DX 115C

Deerma is one of the trusted brands for vacuums for personal use. This particular model is a crowd favorite: it can be used for wet and dry surfaces, comes in different nozzles for different areas and surfaces, the filter is replaceable and can be bought online, and is one of the most affordable in the market.

We particularly choose to feature this one because of how practical it works. You can change the attachments depending on the surface you want to clean. You can convert it to a handheld vacuum in just seconds, and then turn it back into a stick vacuum a very short time. Very handy for those who have a very short cleaning schedule at home.


Room scents

A lot of us believe that a clean area always smells good. If it doesn’t, then it is not yet clean. There are some of us who doesn’t want the smell of cleaning products lingering around after we clean, so the best way around it is to use fragrances or room scents.

To much delight for most of us, there are affordable scents available online the smells like our favorite hotels. It’s like checking-in to a hotel right in your own bedroom!

Need something cleaned?

BONUS: White Shoe cleaner

White shoes are simple, elegant and stylish no matter what you wear. We may have owned one in our lifetime. The only problem with white shoes is that, they get dirty, and they get dirty fast. So having a white shoe cleaner with you handy can help keep it clean wherever you go.

What’s great about this product is that it has been used and reviewed by hundreds of users already and found it working as advertised. It is also small that it could fit right into any bag or stowed away in a cabinet. 



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