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Benefits of a Clean Home

Growing up our parents (our Mom to be exact!) have taught us to always clean our room and help out around the house. Why is that? In private places where we relax and spend time leisurely, most of these places are clean and organized. Why is that?

It’s because of the psychology of cleanliness and its benefits that whether we are aware of it or not, has tremendous effect to all of us.

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Benefits of a clean home:

  1. Reduce allergens – when you clean your home as often as you can, dusts are kept at bay. Especially on areas where you have upholsteries and carpet.
  2. Less stress, more mindful living – as we all know, visual clutter leads to mind clutter. The outside world is chaotic enough so why would you want to replicate that chaos in your home? But when you have a clean home, you step into your home, close the door and leave the noise, confusion, and chaos outside. Even Chi and Reiki practitioner would recommend an organized and clean area to allow the energy flow well hence, making you feel relaxed and mindful. You should not bring chaos inside, where it doesn’t belong.
  3. Healthier family – Cleaning on a regular basis is a must if you want to keep your family healthy most of the time. Vacuuming and dusting is not enough either. Think about cleaning your home surfaces and crannies as well. The more stuff you have, the harder it is to dust and sanitize. It’s best to tackle the dirtiest part of your home first and make your way to the rest.
  4. You’re more active– because you’re relaxed and your mind is clear, you have enough energy to be active, to exercise and to spend time with your kids.
  5. Give you a sense of accomplishment– when you have a clean and orderly home whether it’s you who cleaned it or asked someone else to clean it, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment and it’s something to tick off your to do list.
Remember, everyone’s idea of a clean home is different. Only you can decide how you want to tackle cleaning your home. Some people love it (like us), and some hate it. Either way, the benefits of cleaning your home and the time and effort it takes leads to a happier, healthier and overall calmer environment. For us, cleaning your home regularly is worth the time and effort. How about you?

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