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5 Tips for an Easy Party Cleaning

Having a party at your place this holiday season is totally awesome! Doing the after party cleaning – not so great. This is why some people opt to just dine out, bearing the traffic and waiting in line at restaurants. After party cleaning shouldn’t be stressful at all. Here are some tips to help make the after party cleaning as easy as opening Christmas gift!



Need something cleaned?

1. Use some Ds (Disposables or Dishwasher)

Half of the after party cleaning involve washing the dishes. Investing in a good dishwasher can help – A Lot! Though this is an expensive option, a dishwasher is an appliance you can use throughout the year. Just load your dishes, add soap, press the button, and that’s it! 

If you are on a tight budget, using disposable utensils and paper plates will save you the time in cleaning dishes as well. As soon as your guests are done with their plates, they can simply throw them in a trash bag for faster disposal. This is very practical, to those who have no household help. However, if you are serving fried chicken, T-bone steak or Adobo, it would be difficult to cut through them using disposable utensils. You might want to consider the food you will be serving then, if you are going for this option.

2. Go Minimalist

Minimal preparation means minimal cleaning.

  • Serve food (delivery) with the tray it came in, don’t transfer anymore to another dish.
  • Buy drinks in cans or small bottles instead of liter bottles that you have to transfer to cups or glasses.
  • Use less decors – you only use them a few days a year anyway. Opt on soft holiday background music instead.
  • Order individually packed desserts such as Fruit Salad in a cup, Leche Flan in small containers, cake slices and other such dessert preparations.

These may sound frugal, but your end goal here is for you to have less cleaning after. 


3. Place Paper towels and Wet Wipes 

Accidental spills can happen anywhere, anytime. Strategically placing paper towels and wet wipes all over your place can help cleaning them up fast. Your guest might even do it for you!

Your guests will be needing some as well, specially if you are serving greasy food or food with sauce. Drink spills? They got you! With the paper towels nearby, cleaning up is easy. 


Need something cleaned?

4. Hiring a Personal Assistant

Christmas Parties are similar to weddings, they are both events. Having a personal assistant on the day will be a huge help, either with coordinating and accepting food/deliveries, setting up the place, receiving guests or assisting you with everything or anything you need along the way.

One of the feedback of event coordinators and HR managers during an event is that they usually don’t get the time to enjoy the party they have personally organized. They seem to be everywhere and there seem to be no time to sit down and watch the show. Hiring a personal assistant for the day can help ease things up. He or she can be the point person for all the deliveries, run quick errands for you and do last minute details while you attend to the general overview of things. Adding a person who serves drinks in your office party would be a nice touch for your event.

5. Enjoy the day and let tomorrow worry itself

The event day is a special day for you and your guests. Enjoy your time with them and worry about the cleaning the following day. Sure, the ants will be there probably, some roaches maybe, but they will not settle in at your place forever. Having your place in a mess for a night will not ruin your place permanently. 

Once the party is over, you can create a system of plans to carry out your cleaning. If you have used some of the tips above, things would be much easier for you.


Preparing for the holidays doesn’t have to be very stressful for anyone, organizer or attendees. There are a lot of ways to make the coming holidays worry-free. Don’t forget to mask up and watch out for COVID-19 symptoms from the attendees. We don’t want to make our events a super spreader this season.